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Chapter 176: The Demonic Beast Tide is Coming!

Right at this time, a rumbling sound was heard in the mountain forest!

Once Madam Ning heard this, her complexion changed severely!

In those days, she followed her husband Ning Zhi Yuan and defended Winding Peace City together. They held back a demonic beast tide before, therefore, she understood better than anyone else. "The demonic beast tide is coming! Leave quickly! Hurry!"

My god! There surprisingly truly was a demonic beast tide?

The carriage driver swung his whip!

The fine steed surged forward on the mountain road at an unimaginable speed!

Astonishment streaked across Feng Liu and Feng Yi Ran's face……unexpectedly, there's truly a demonic beast tide?

'Boom boom boom' echoed by her ear. It's clearly the boom from shaking of countless numbers of demonic beasts!

"Go!" Feng Yi Ran grabbed Feng Liu and threw her on the horse's back and urged the horse to dash away.

Feng Liu's heart almost collapsed!

However, it's already too late for her to hate Feng Wu, because right now, all of her time was used to run for her life!

Just as they were escaping Needs Full Temple, before three minutes passed, boom, rumble!

A loud sound!

From inside the carriage, Yan Yan looked through the curtain and looked back. She looked on helplessly as Needs Full Temple was trampled by a herd of demonic beasts and was instantly demolished into pieces……

"Oh my god!"

Yan Yan's pair of hands covered her mouth then tightly pulled at Madam Yan's hand. Needs Full Temple. Needs Full Temple……"

Madam Yan turned her head to look and nearly fainted!

Need Full Temple was surprisingly gone!

Madam Ning turned her head and took a glance then spoke coldly. "Thanks to that girl's reminder. If it wasn't for her, we would all be dead now."

Madam Yan turned her face away. Even more so, Yan Yan harrumphed softly. Her heart was still unconvinced in the end.

But Madam Ning asked Ning Chen Xi. "What is that girl's name? In the future, you should properly thank her. The kindness of dripping water should be repaid with a gushing spring. What's more, it's the debt of life."

Ning Chen Xi grabbed his head. "Her name uh……I didn't even have time to ask her."

Madam Ning was speechless. No wonder this child was unsuccessful in chasing her. Up until now, he hadn't even found out her name, yet? How did she give birth to such a foolish son?

Rumble rumble!

Those demonic beasts' speed was very fast. Very quickly, they appeared within the range of their vision!

"Younger Aunt, don't mention that girl anymore. Let's hurry on without delay ah ah aahh. We're going to be overtaken soon!" Yan Yan saw that the demonic beasts had approached within a kilometer of them and her tears just about rolled down. "They're about to reach us. They're gonna get us!"

Madam Yan said. "Luckily, there are still people to serve as sacrificial victims behind us, those two brother and sister set off even slower than us. They're only a distance of five hundred meters away from the demonic beast tide. If the demonic beasts are to eat someone, they'll eat them first."

Madam Ning nearly rolled her eyes, but at this moment, all of her attention was concentrated on the carriage being overtaken. How could she still have the time for talking? Just at this time, suddenly.

Rumble rumble!

The entire earth violently rolled!

A crack instantly appeared on the originally narrow road. Madam Ning only felt a severe sharp pain in her belly!

Crash crash crash——the two horses pulling the carriage were already frightened by the demonic beast tide and were already extremely alarmed early on. Added to that the ground pulsing, and they could no longer stand the stress as they fell apart. They unexpectedly led the carriage directly to a steep cliff and rushed down!

Currently, they were running through the most precipitous section. On one side were sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces, on the other side was a ravine.

The horse carriage charged towards the ravine!

This immediately greatly frightened everyone in the carriage.


Madam Yan and the rest emitted a miserable scream from their throats!

Completely unlike their graceful bearing from before.

From the very very high cliff, the horse carriage fell headlong into the ravine!

Such a high overhanging cliff!

At present, Feng Wu was driving her carriage at lightning speed in fleeing ahead. Because they set off earlier by an hour, their horse carriage could be considered to be moving smoothly and steadily.

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