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Chapter 175: Are You Still Going To Survive? !

Yan Yan was so angry that she stomped her foot. "How can there be such a disgusting girl in the world! She truly caused me to suffer so much just now that I was scared and thought that there'll be a demonic beast tide as well as earthquake? ! Wah argh argh argh, makes me so mad! ! !"

Madam Yan coldly harrumphed. "There are all kinds of girls in this world, Ning Chen Xi, you really need to be on your guard. You can't afford to be involved with this kind of girl. There'll come a time when you'll even help count the money she earned from selling you! Younger Sister, tell me, isn't that right?"

But Madam Ning furrowed her brows, as her right hand couldn't help but caress her belly. Her voice was very soft. "But……I actually feel that what that girl said is somewhat reasonable."

"What? !" Everybody simultaneously turned towards Madam Ning.

Madam Ning covered the place over her heart. "I don't know why, but I feel a peculiar tension here. I feel like something big is going to happen……my heart is unusually unsettled."

Madam Yan sneered and said. "What other reason can there be? That girl previously placed a suggestion in your mind. As a mother, finding out that your child might not be well, how can your heart be at peace? That repulsive girl is truly……"

"Elder Sister——" Madam Ning spoke and interrupted. "How about we also set out on our journey through the night?"

Everybody looked at Madam Ning with a gaze of looking at an idiot. Madam Yan screamed some more. "What nonsense are you saying! In this dark night, how can you hasten on your journey with that big belly? If the carriage were to overturn, are you still going to survive? !"

However, Madam Ning was firmer than at any other time as she stood up and said to Ning Chen Xi. "Instruct everyone, we're going to set off in an hour."

"Younger Sister——"

"Elder Sister, I've already decided, you don't need to continue to persuade me." Madam Ning appeared to be soft and weak, with a wonderful temperament. However, Madam Yan knew this sister of hers. Once she made a decision she's determined and no one could change her mind.

Thinking of this, Madam Yan couldn't help but secretly hate Feng Wu.

"Elder Brother, then what about us?" She didn't know why, but Feng Liu suddenly feel a bit unsettled in her heart, especially after she saw Madam Yan's group get ready.

Feng Yi Ran shot a glance at Feng Liu. "What do you say?"

Feng Liu laughed coldly. "Will whatever Feng Wu says goes? She's not a god. In any case, no matter what other people decides, I certainly won't believe her. In any case, tonight, even if I die I still won't depart Needs Full Temple——"

Just at this time, suddenly!

Kaboom kaboom!

The sound of a violent explosion echoed above the courtyard at Needs Full Temple!

The entire Needs Full Temple seemed as if it was swung back and forth by a giant hand!

Crack crack——the walls all around them emitted breaking sounds. Distinct cracks appeared before everyone's eyes.

Not merely the walls, obvious fractures even appeared on the ground!

The swaying came quickly and also left quickly, but it was already enough to leave lingering fears in people.

Madam Yan and Yan Yan's face both turned pale. Their entire bodies became frozen stupidly.

Even though Madam Ning was pregnant, she was the most cool-headed person there as she coldly responded. "Don't need to continue packing. Leave behind everything that's heavy. We need to quickly leave now!"

"But……is it any better outside?" Yan Yan suggested a contrary opinion.

Madam Ning said. "Down this road is Winding Peace City. Winding Peace City's terrain is wide and open, furthermore, military barracks are stationed there. The situation there should be much better that in the mountains. This Needs Full Temple……very possibly will no longer exist after tonight. Go!"

As soon as her voice dropped, Madam Ning immediately sat in the carriage and commanded her driver to set out.

Even though Madam Yan's stiff face was solemn, she didn't react to matters as calmly as Madam Ning. Currently, she was a bit panicky as she pulled Yan Yan and followed Madam Ning to sit in the same horse carriage.

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