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Chapter 1706: Face-slapping, Round 6 (7)

Feng Wu was baffled for a moment.

Little Phoenix had used that skill before, which meant that it wasn’t all that useful…

“You don’t sound so confident,” Feng Wu said curiously.

Little Phoenix said, “Hey, mind your words!”

Feng Wu cleared her throat.

Little Phoenix said, “Our most important task now is to see what’s going on outside, right? Forget about how confident I sound already.”

Feng Wu scratched her head. “You have a point.”

She and Little Phoenix lay flat on their stomachs and looked out through a gap in the wall.

One look and Feng Wu’s eyes widened.

She then turned to Little Phoenix. “Isn’t that the younger prince?”

After Sefiro offended Feng Wu, the younger prince had arrived with gifts to apologize. Feng Wu remembered the gifts, which were all quite impressive. Thus, the younger prince had left quite a good impression on Feng Wu.

Little Phoenix nodded. “It really is him. He wears white, and so do his guards. The other group is pursuing them.”

If someone on the grassland tried to kill the younger prince, his brother would be the biggest suspect!

Seeing the black headbands that were identical to the one Seven wore, Feng Wu was convinced that the men in black were sent by the older prince.

Right now, there were over a dozen men in black, but the white side only had ten people left, including the younger prince.

The men in black all seemed to be in high spirits and good shape, while the younger prince’s men were almost all wounded, and some were badly injured.

“Master, hide!”

The captain of the guards pushed the younger prince in Feng Wu’s direction.

He had no idea that Feng Wu was hiding in the cave. All he wanted was to hide the prince.

Whoosh —

Feng Wu watched as the younger prince rolled into the cave and stopped by her feet.

The prince stared at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu also stared at him.

Little Phoenix almost exploded.

It wanted to kick the prince.

Why was this man so annoying?! The two of them had been hiding safely here and could walk out when this battle was over, but this prince just showed up!

“You! Get out of here!” Little Phoenix didn’t care who he was.

Feng Wu shook her head at the bird.

Little Phoenix was infuriated. “We hid here first and we set up the formation to hide our energy. He’s exposed us by entering this cave. Soon, the men in black will surround this place and catch us! I’m so mad at him!”

The prince had a guilty look in his eyes.

He had never thought that this would happen.

He bowed to Feng Wu with a wry smile. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea that you were hiding here. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have brought you harm…”

After checking the situation outside, the prince turned to Feng Wu with a wry smile. “This is my own trouble, and I can’t bring you into this. Don’t worry. I’m leaving now.”

Feng Wu looked at him.

When she last saw him, he was handsome, gentle, and as civilized as any well-taught teenager from the south.

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