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Chapter 168: You Shouldn't Have Fallen For Her, Right? !

Feng Yi Ran came out and saw Feng Liu's faceful of blood. At once, his complexion changed and raised his head to face Feng Wu's pair of eyes.

What kind of eyes were those? Confident, taunting, sarcastic, derisive……

Feng Yi Ran actually blew out a mouthful of cold air!

His way of thinking was the same as Feng Liu's, Feng Wu surprisingly still hadn't died!

He looked behind him and saw the two madams standing behind Feng Wu, along with Uncle Qiu and the rest of them……to his surprise, not a single one of them died!

"You beat up my sister? !" Feng Yi Ran's gaze was as cold as ice and frost. He approached Feng Wu and glared down at her from his position up high.

Seeing the tinge of maliciousness on Feng Yi Ran's face, Ning Chen Xi's heart shook. Without time to think much upon it, he ran to Feng Wu's side!

If Feng Yi Ran were to make a move, he would extend a helping hand.

Feng Wu focused on Feng Yi Ran with a smile that's not a smile. "I don't have a sister, however, Feng Yi Ran, aren't you going to ask why is it that I can still stand here alive?"

Feng Yi Ran laughed coldly. "Why can't you stand here alive? Haven't you only fallen a bit behind us? Presently, you finally caught up with us, isn't that right?"

Feng Yi Ran fixed his gaze on Feng Wu warningly, he thought that Feng Wu ought to understand his meaning.

"It seems like you want to deny this to the end. It doesn't matter, in any case, I've also left a remnant of flaming blood and fear here, the Black Luminary Wolves' favorite delicacy, haven't I?"

Feng Yi Ran made a fist, this repulsive girl, she unexpectedly dared to threaten him! He truly wanted to immediately break off that slim neck of hers!

However, Ning Chen Xi was glaring at him from Feng Wu's side, glaring at Feng Yi Ran like a tiger watching its prey, dispersing a part of his aura. If Feng Yi Ran were to make a move, he'd also follow after!

One couldn't help but admit that Ning Chen Xi, this young man's strength was nevertheless truly not bad.

"I don't know what you're saying." Yet Feng Yi Ran didn't dare to act blindly without thinking. Lacking in confidence, he pulled Feng Liu and immediately just left!

The corners of Feng Wu's mouth curved into a faint arc. This time, Feng Liu had been freely beaten by her.

"How can you be someone like that!" Just at this time, an untimely voice sounded and pointed at Feng Wu as her target.

Feng Wu subconsciously raised her head and looked over. That was a fifteen or sixteen year old young girl. She wore purple from head to toe, with delicate and pretty facial features, an appearance that's pretty, but between her brows and eyes was a rather angry expression. At this moment, she was pointing at Feng Wu and glared at her with condemnation!

Feng Wu turned towards her in confusion.

"The person just now was your younger sister! And you just beat her up like that? You think that your bit of cultivation is so incredible, right? Come then, come and fight with me!" The purple clothed girl glared at Feng Wu, her gaze was quite impressive!

"Yan Yan! Don't you make trouble!" Ning Chen Xi had a splitting headache. He didn't expect that the young lady who he admired would make an appearance in such a manner. Even more so, he didn't expect that the cousin who loved to fight for injustice would rush over here. He even thought of asking his mother to go to the other party's home to propose marriage.

Ning Chen Xi said to Feng Wu. "Sorry! This is my cousin, Yan Yan. She doesn't know anything. By all means, please don't be bothered by her."

"Cousin!" Yan Yan was even angrier as she pointed at Feng Wu. "Do I need you to apologize on my behalf? ! This ruthless girl can beat up even her own sister and even beat her to death. You surprisingly still speak up on behalf of this kind of person? Did you not see how miserable the young girl that got beaten up was?"

Ning Chen Xi. "There must be a misunderstanding there somewhere……"

"Even with a misunderstanding, a person still can't beat their sister to death. What kind of a person does that make!" Yan Yan disdainfully shot a glance at Ning Chen Xi. "Cousin, you're protecting her like this, you shouldn't have fallen for her, right? !"

"I……" Ning Chen Xi looked at Yan Yan then looked at Feng Wu, he wanted to say something but hesitated.

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