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Chapter 167: I Don't Fight, I Only Beat People Up

Feng Wu half squatted in front of Feng Liu and focused on her with a smile that's not a smile. "Did you think that you could kill me by leading the Black Luminary Wolves over? You're really too naive!"

Done talking, Feng Wu sat on Feng Liu's body half astride. She raised her right fist, aimed at Feng Liu's face, and started smashing!

Pow pow pow!

One fist after another, each fist struck at her full strength!

Indeed, Feng Wu currently possessed the strength of a level five Spirit Master, therefore, Feng Liu saw stars as each of her fists pounded. Her head was dizzy and eyes dazed as excruciating pain hammered her bones!

As long as Feng Wu thought about how if she didn't happen to wake up in time, if she didn't happen to bring the expelling compound, what would've happened to her? What would've happened to her family?

Feng Liu was stupefied!

Ning Chen Xi's whole body also froze there——

Truth be told, Ning Chen Xi was shocked by Feng Wu's thunderous methods. When he finally regained his senses, Feng Liu was already nearly beaten to death.

The blood across her whole face, the entire body covered in blood……was simply a ghastly sight.

Such a slim and frail little lady, who appeared to have no strength to truss a chicken, and seemed as if the wind would blow her away, once she fought, she simply turned into a 'lolita' with monstrous strength. It sent chills run through him.

"Little Sister, don't fight anymore, hurry and stop fighting." Ning Chen Xi went to pull Feng Wu away.

Feng Wu lifted her head and laughed coldly at him. "I don't fight. I only beat people up."

Once Ning Chen Xi heard this, it truly still was……

The kindhearted Ning Chen Xi knit his brows. "Is there a misunderstanding between the two of you previously? Dealing with a girl this way, is really not so good……"

"The Black Luminary Wolves she lured over wanted to kill me. Do you think that there's a misunderstanding there?" Feng Wu laughed coldly. "Would you like this kind of misunderstanding? I can help you."

Ning Chen Xi was choked off. "……"

"Actually, this can be considered to be an enmity……"

"If there's an opportunity to avenge an enmity presently, who'll still wait until tomorrow? Has your mother not taught you this?" Feng Wu glared at Ning Chen Xi who was getting in her way.

Ning Chen Xi was a sunshine youth. Ordinarily, even if he were to enter the mountains for cultivation, there were still layers upon layers of personal guards to protect him. Due to his identity, of the people around him, who wouldn't flatter or protect him? When had he ever been sharply criticized by anyone like Feng Wu's doing now?

For a moment, he froze in place and didn't know how he should react.

"Pfff——" A woman's laughter sounded.

"Mother——" Ning Chen Xi helplessly turned towards the door to the Needs Full Temple used one hand to support the elbow and another hand to support the waist of an upper-class woman.

Feng Wu lifted her head and turned to look at the noble lady.

And noticed that she was about thirty some years old, with fair facial features, a beautiful appearance, and a heroic, exuberant countenance with somewhat more of a valiant aura. With one look, one could tell that she had a candid and generous temperament.

Could this kind of mother raise the Ning Chen Xi who's like a bunny rabbit?

Feng Wu and didn't say much and only demonstrated a nod to Madam Ning.

Madam Ning felt that Feng Wu was very interesting as she pursed her lips and smiled. She also nodded at Feng Wu. They could be considered to have greeted each other.

However, the other madam who stood next to Madam Ning faced Feng Wu with a stiff face, a strict gaze, and unhappy expression. With one look and she gave Feng Wu a bad impression.

Feng Wu thought to herself, this person who didn't look favorably upon her should be that Ning Chen Xi's eldest aunt and also the one who's the wife of the Minister of Appointments and Minister of the Military.

Because of this delay by Ning Chen Xi, the sound of footsteps burst forth inside Needs Full Temple. Once Feng Wu heard, she knew that Feng Yi Ran had appeared.

Feng Wu could only helplessly stand up from Feng Liu's body and laugh coldly. "I'm not going to beat you to death today, save you to be slowly dealt with in the future!"

These words were truly aggressive and tyrannical.

Madam Yan's originally creased eyebrows creased deeper! She quite disliked this kind of ostentatious and tyrannical girl.

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