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Chapter 166: Aah Ah Ah, It's a Ghost…..You're a Ghost……You've Already Turned Into a Ghost……

"A period of prosperity includes Lord Jun naturally includes important officials. Father said that Lord Jun will have some very soon, and what we want to be are precisely these important officials! Do you know that? At that time, listening to these words caused our blood to race. At that time, I and my cousin made an oath that we must become an important official who can match Lord Jun!"

Feng Wu. "……" She truly didn't know that the world's assessment of Jun Lin Yuan was so surprisingly high.

"It's a pity……" Ning Chen Xi sighed. "Do you know? In those years, Crown Prince Jun's reputation was almost led to ruin by a girl named Feng Wu. Tell me, a girl whose cultivation is crippled, how can she deserve to take the position crown prince's consort? How can she still be the 'mother of the world' in the future? How can she be a match for our Crown Prince Jun, someone so hard to come by through all the ages? !"

The more he spoke, the more Ning Chen Xi became excited. Finally, he was so stirred up that he clenched his fists!

Feng Wu. "……wasn't their engagement annulled in the end?"

Ning Chen Xi replied. "Fortunately it's been annulled, otherwise, let me tell you, I don't even know how many people wanted to go assassinate that girl named Feng Wu! If the engagement wasn't annulled, it'd be impossible to preserve her little life!"

Feng Wu. "……"

Ning Chen Xi suddenly excitedly said to Feng Wu. "Right now, there are many rumors everywhere, however, there's one I'm most fond of among them. I feel that if it's really true, then it'd be really good."

"Which one?" Feng Wu smiled yet did not smile.

"In the Martial Lord Empire, every single crown prince to succeed the throne all needed to marry a young lady who possesses phoenix blood as Empress. In our generation, the phoenix blood's successor is precisely Zuo Qing Luan. Reportedly, she's not fifteen years old, yet, however, her strength has already reached the peak of a Spirit Ancestor. Furthermore, the distance to the boundary of Spirit Lord is not far away. She's also the goddess of Green Jade Palace. If there must be a young lady to be a match for Crown Prince Jun, then we feel that only she can even be one."

Feng Wu smiled faintly. "Really?"

"That's right, can we be considered acquaintances now? I can't always continue to call you Little Sister like this, right? Can to tell me your name now?" Ning Chen Xi smiled from ear to ear as he gazed at Feng Wu. "We get along so well. Don't tell me that you won't even tell me your name, right?"

Feng Wu. "……"

"Hehe." Do we really get along that well? Feng Wu already had nothing more to say.

Right at this time, Ning Chen Xi saw a temple that had stood for a very long time deep in the mountains, and he excitedly stood up as he loudly said to Feng Wu. "Before us is Needs Full Temple. This is precisely where Mother's group and I agreed to rendezvous. Little Sister, it's getting late. It's certainly not good to travel mountain roads at night. How about we take a break here together?"

Feng Wu was thinking of declining, however, a sharp voice sounded. "You, why are you still alive? !"

Feng Wu turned her head and saw that enemies truly meet on narrow roads. It was surprisingly Feng Liu!

Feng Wu threw down her whip at once. Her gaze was as chilly as a hawk's as she walked towards Feng Liu in a straight line.

Feng Liu saw Feng Wu acting that way, and her heart fell into a fit of shivering. However, when she thought about how she had the strength of a level five Spirit Master, after all, how could she truly still be afraid of Feng Wu? Thinking to this point, Feng Liu laughed coldly. "You, what do you want to do?"

Feng Wu basically didn't want to waste words with her as she lifted her foot and directly kicked at Feng Liu's stomach!


A single loud sound!

Feng Liu's body was like a kite with its string cut as it abruptly flew backwards and knocked against an aged thousand year old tree. Immediately, the tree snapped from the collision!

And Feng Liu's body also slid from the tree, a 'thump' sounded as she smashed down to the ground.

Blood leaked from Feng Liu's mouth as her eyes stared at Feng Wu in alarm. "Aah ah ah, it's a ghost……you're a ghost……you've already turned into a ghost……"

"That's right, I turned into a ghost to find you and demand your life. Are you scared?"

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