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Chapter 165: Aiya, You Don't Understand!

The Feng North Prince's Mansion? Feng Wu couldn't help but think of Feng Xun and couldn't help but raise her brows. "Defending the northern frontier, the man who can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies, Northern Prince Feng?"

"Yes yes yes! That's my maternal uncle!"

Feng Wu. "Oh."

The youngster continued to find something to talk to Feng Wu about. "Then have you heard of Feng Xun before?"

"Feng Xun?" Feng Wu's attitude was ambiguous? She still hadn't decided whether she should reply in the affirmative or to reply in the negative.

Thereupon, the young man asked again. "Then you must've heard of Crown Prince Jun Lin Yuan before, right?"

Feng Wu. "……" The name Jun Lin Yuan could be heard no matter where, so if she said she hadn't heard of him, then that's just too fake. Thus, Feng Wu nodded her head.

The young man became excited. "My cousin Feng Xun is actually a good pal of Crown Prince Jun. They're childhood friends who grew up together. Their relationship is extremely, extremely, extremely good!"

The young man's face was full of pride, a pride that came from 'my cousin are friends with the crown prince'……that kind of expression. Feng Wu was becoming dizzy.

"You don't believe it?" The youngster saw Feng Wu's interest declining, because she didn't believe him, so he seriously and solemnly said. "It's true! My cousin truly has a very good relationship with Crown Prince Jun. When I was young and lived at the capital, I also ran behind Crown Prince Jun. If you like, later on I'll have my cousin get Crown Prince Jun's autograph for you, would you like that? Don't you girls all like these things?"

Feng Wu. "……"

The youngster continued. "Wait until we arrive at the capital later, I can also have cousin help to take you hunting at the Western Mountain. At that time, you'll be able to personally see Crown Prince Jun. This is actually something that so many girls yearn for day and night! What do you think? Happy?"

Feng Wu just looked at Ning Chen Xi without saying anything. "……"

Confusion reflected on Ning Chen Xi's whole face. "What is it? Are you not happy?"

Feng Wu already had nothing to say. She had no alternative but to ask. "In you guy's hearts, is Jun Lin Yuan truly so amazing?"

Ning Chen Xi's face was now filled with excitement. "Why of course! Crown Prince Jun is the only person in my generation who I admire! You must already know how impressive he is, but do you know the elders' assessment of Crown Prince Jun?"

Ning Chen Xi deferentially addressed Crown Prince Jun by title from beginning to end and hadn't called him by name even once. It could clearly be seen that Jun Lin Yuan's position in Ning Chen Xi's heart indeed could not be profaned.

Feng Wu shook her head. "I don't know."

It was difficult for Ning Chen Xi to cover up his excitement. "There was one time that my father, my aunt's husband, and also my elder maternal uncle were altogether and congregated to chat——"

"It was rare for my father to evaluate other people, but he still couldn't help but excitedly say that someone like Jun Lin Yuan might not necessary appear once in a million years. The new era not long in the future will be the best era."

"My aunt's husband's position is high and he conducts himself even more strictly and solemnly. He doesn't casually speak nor smile, but even he nodded his head while he responded, 'indeed, this will be the governing officials' best era and is also an era that will be for the record books. It's the governing officials' honor to be able to live during this time period."

Feng Wu frowned. "Isn't that a bit exaggerated?"

"It's not exaggerated!" Ning Chen Xi glared at Feng Wu. "Northern Prince Feng, my elder maternal uncle, is usually so aloof and icily arrogant, yet even he said that because of Crown Prince Jun's existence, he can see the hope of extending Martial Lord Empire's boundaries in the future and the ambition of bringing peace to all lands under heaven! ? This is an achievement for the ages, and era of fame and reputation for all eternity!"

Feng Wu was stumped for words. "……"

"Isn't this an overstatement?"

"Aiya, you don't understand!" Ning Chen Xi said. "Think about it, since times immemorial, when a new reign emerges, once the dust settles, it can bring about a continual period of prosperity."

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