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Chapter 164: Have You Heard of the Minister of the Military Before?

Feng Wu didn't say anything as she started to increase her speed. The more she accelerated, the more Ning Chen Xi accelerated.

"Eh? Little Sister's not bad. You're already a level five Spirit Master." Ning Chen Xi praised her, however, Feng Wu didn't pay any attention to him.

When she returned inside the safety zone, Qiu Ling already finished making all of the preparations. They could set off at any time.

Feng Wu said. "You guys all go inside. I'll drive the carriage."

Qiu Ling wouldn't agree. "But My Lady——"

Feng Wu shook her head. "This is not a place we can stay for a long time."

Qiu Ling nodded her head. Along with Nanny Zhao, one of them embraced the Second Madam, the other supported Uncle Qiu as they entered the carriage.

Feng Wu was just going to raise her whip when the forward youngster automatically jumped and sat at the front of the carriage. He smilingly extended his hand towards Feng Wu. "Little Sister, this kind of manual work really is a blasphemy to you. Let Big Brother help you."

Feng Wu couldn't help but shoot a glance at him. "Who are you really?"

Ning Chen Xi opened his eyes wide. "You truly haven't heard of my name before? That's not possible? I'm Ning Chen Xi, hey, my father is Remote Peace Province's lord inspector, therefore you can rest assured. Within this Remote Peace Province, with me, Ning Chen Xi, here, you can walk with your chest high! Ha ha ha——"

The Lord Inspector of Remote Peace Province actually could be considered a regional governor, a rather big official, because in the entire Martial Lord Empire, there were only thirty-six provinces. Able to be the lord of a province, his strength was certainly not ordinary.

Feng Wu thought about how she was interrupted from advancing to a level six Spirit Master and she lightly harrumphed, then immediately threw the whip to Ning Chen Xi. "Go ahead, if you want to, however, there are wounded people inside the carriage. Drive steadily."

If other people were to see the lord inspector's son, of course they'd wish that they could throw themselves at and wrap themselves around him. However, Feng Wu casually and effortlessly made use of him.

Ning Chen Xi was born into a good home. His personally was also good. He was ordered around by Feng Wu yet didn't get angry. Instead, he was even smiling from ear to ear.

Even someone who's upset wouldn't slap a smiling person. This youngster was cheerful and warmhearted like sunshine. Even though he was somewhat silly but amusing, and a little idiotic, he could still be considered to be a kindhearted person. Feng Wu also would gradually show a little bit of a smiling expression and respond with a word or two.

Therefore, as Feng Wu asked him matters about Remote Peace Province, the young man wished that he could tell Feng Wu everything that he knew and draw out the young girl's liking.

Feng Wu asked idly. "Why are you here by yourself?"

Ning Chen Xi. "Speaking of this, it's a long story. My aunt and younger cousin are returning to the capital. My mother and I planned to send them off to up to the border of Remote Peace Province, however, on the way, something fell and got lost, so I ran back to fetch it. I've been delayed now, but it doesn't matter, I'll overtake them very quickly."

"Your aunt is from the capital?"

"Yeah. Aunt's family is even more powerful than our family. Do you know of the position of minister of appointments?"

Feng Wu almost rolled her eyes, did he think she was a fool? "The minister of appointments is in charge of appointing and dismissing officials within the entire empire. Testing, raising and lowering, transfer of personnel, granting merits, setting ranks, and is the chief minister of the six departments. Can it be that your aunt's family is?"

Ning Chen Xi complacently stuck out his chest. "Have you heard of the Minister of the Military?"

Feng Wu nodded. "Of course. The Minister of the Military is an agency which assists His Majesty directly. In the current dynasty, there are altogether seven known ministers of the military. Each of them are classified as powerful officials, very awesome. What, this minister is also related to your aunt's family?"

"Indeed. My aunt's husband is both the minister of appointments and a minister of the military. Tell me, is that awesome or not?"

Feng Wu nodded.

Ning Chen Xi presently wished that he could showcase all of his background so that he could obtain the young lady's admiration and attention. Hence, he also complacently said. "Actually, my aunt's husband is still not the most powerful one. Have you heard of the Feng North Prince's Mansion before?"

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