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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Did You Bring Your Brains? !

What was special was that pair of eyes that resembled the cold edge of an unsheathed blade, penetratingly sharp, a formidable aura, second only to Jun Lin Yuan.

"Oh my, Second Xuan? !" Feng Wu patted this blue robed youngster's shoulder.

During her childhood, Feng Wu lived at the imperial capital. Even though it's been five years, however, when she left that year, these youngsters before her were already more than ten years old. That's why she could recognize them at a glance.

Xuan Yi, Xuan family's second young master, one of Jun Lin Yuan's childhood friends. As a child, his face was already solemn, akin to a stiff wood plank. She didn't expect that after he grew up, he became even more severe and reserved.

This pair of Xuan Yi's penetrating and bitingly cold eyes examined Feng Wu closely for a second as he wrinkled his handsome sword shaped eyebrows. "Who's she?"

"This is a young girl I just saved. That's right, young girl, what's your name?

Also, he's ———" Feng Xun was an enthusiastic and cheerful good hearted young man, but Xuan Yi certainly wasn't.

"Little Fifth Feng*——-" Feng Wu was just about to introduce herself.

(*TN: 'Fifth Feng' means 'fifth wind', which is also pronounced the same way as 'Feng Wu', but means Phoenix Dance/Dancing. Feng Xun's last name 'Feng' also means 'wind'.)

Xuan Yi icily arrogantly raised his hand to interrupt, his voice cold and indifferent. "I don't have any interest in knowing who she is, it's time, let's go."

This temper of Xuan Yi's was indeed the same as it was in the past, not showing any mercy. Feng Wu sighed in her heart.

Feng Xun angrily glared at Xuan Yi and coldly harrumphed as he pulled Feng Wu and responded. "I really can't stand his personality. Let's go together."

Xuan Yi stopped after taking two steps and frowned as he turned his head around, his gaze cut like a knife as it swept over Feng Wu's body.

Feng Wu could feel Xuan Yi's gaze fix on her radiating quite an impressive aura. It was clear that this was a warning for her to

to quickly take a hike.

Feng Wu coldly humphed in her heart. He seemed to think that she liked to be with them so much. If it wasn't for Feng Xun having carried her over in his arms, she definitely wouldn't have wanted to stay with them by any means!

Thinking to this point, Feng Wu proudly cupped her fist in her other hand and spoke to Feng Xun. "Third Brother Feng*, good things don't last forever, let's separate at this point, see you later."

(*TN: Chinese people call each other brothers out of respect. It doesn't necessarily mean they're related.)

Having spoken, Feng Wu passed him and was just about to leave.

Feng Xun reached out to detain Feng Wu. "This place is already near the center of Icebound Forest. You don't possess any spirit qi inside your body, how can you leave? I also don't have time to send you out. You shouldn't go anywhere. Little Fifth, just follow me, it's fine!"

Xuan Yi didn't pay any attention to Feng Xun as his pair of ice-cold eyes directly fixed on Feng Wu. "Will you choose to leave on your own,

your own, or should I send you out?"

The implication was that he'd send Feng Wu away with a kick from his foot!"

"Xuan Yi!" Feng Xun was quite angry, his eyes full of fury. "Aren't you being too unreasonable? She isn't a bad person. In fact, she's the one who's been quite unlucky. At first, she was implicated by Boss Jun when she's captured by the Flaming Cloud Hawk. After that, she was again led by me into trouble and was almost bitten to death by Horned Blood Bees. With great difficulty, her life is now safe, yet you want to kick her away! !"

"Whether she's a good person or bad person, does that have anything to do with me?" Second Xuan stared at Feng Xun, his gaze as sharp as a knife's edge as cold air burst forth. "Did you forget about Boss Jun's character?"

That person indeed was a lord no stranger could approach, a face fierce with self control, causing everyone to keep quiet out of fear.

Moreover, he was strict both on the inside and the outside!

Feng Xun was fuming as he bit on his lower lip!

Xuan Yi continued. "What's more, our assignment this time is so important, what if she's a spy?"

Feng Xun was nearly angered into laughter. "Do you really feel that this girl who doesn't even have the strength to defend herself can snatch away the Immortal Spirit Fruit from us? !"

"Young, Third, Feng!" Xuan Yi was truly angry! He unexpectedly talked about the Immortal Spirit Fruit out loud? ! Did he bring his brains? !

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