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Chapter 150: Who Says I Can't Cultivate?

Feng Wu smiled yet did not smile as she shot a glance at Old Man Ba. "Therefore, at that time, who insisted on dragging Crown Prince Jun and the rest of them over here and insisted on introducing me to them? They didn't want to be introduced yet you persistently insisted on keeping them and won't let them leave?"

"Cough cough, cough cough cough cough cough——" Old Man Ba nearly choked on his own saliva as he repeatedly waved his hands. "Treat it like I haven't asked. Treat it like I didn't ask, alright? You, little girl, you've never allowed yourself to suffer losses. Speak then, what brought you here again this time?"

"I'm going to the capital soon, after an hour or so." Feng Wu spoke seriously.

"So rushed?" Old Man Ba asked. "What happened? Have you been forced by someone? Don't worry, with me, Old Man Ba, here, who's going to dare to bully you?"

"Jun Lin Yuan." Feng Wu harrumphed coldly once.

"Cough cough, cough cough cough——" Old Man Ba again nearly choked on his saliva.

If it was anyone else bullying Feng Wu, his status could be brought out to help stand up for Feng Wu. However, if it was Jun Lin Yuan……

"Can it be that Jun Lin Yuan knows of your identity?"

Feng Wu unhappily said. "If he found out about that, can I still sit here without any problems? What he discovered is Little Seventh's Black Spirit Body. He wanted to bring him back and use his blood to save someone. I'm afraid that they'd act recklessly and injure Little Seventh's Black Spirit Body. If they did that, it'd be troublesome. Therefore, during the ensuing short period of time, I can't remain at Northern Territory City. Everything here will be entrusted to Old Man Ba's great care."

Old Man Ba nodded. "Don't worry. I'll take care of things here. That's right, hold on a moment."

After he spoke, Old Man Ba quickly went inside. Before long, he handed to Feng Wu two letters.

"Dearest Ba Jian Ming?" Feng Wu looked at the first letter. "Your son?"

"No, my grandson."

Feng Wu glanced at Old Man Ba with a smile that's not a smile and asked with narrowed eyes. "Do you hate your son that much?"

Old Man Ba stared at Feng Wu. "How do you know that?"

"Isn't it written in his name? Ba Jian Ming* sounds just like 'worthless father'. Aren't you scolding your son for being worthless?"

(*TN: Old Man Ba's grandson's name is 巴剑鸣, which means 'a sword cry'. The pronunciation in Chinese sounds the same as 爸贱民, which means 'worthless father' ie. his grandson has a worthless father.)

Old Man Ba. "……"

If it wasn't for Feng Wu calling this to his attention, he'd never have known that he unexpectedly had his own son take such a lousy name! The corners of Old Man Ba's mouth twitched and waved his hand. "This Jian Ming, ah……because of his father's matter, he got into a huff against me. I received new last time that he's at Winding Peace City. Winding Peace City is on the way to the capital. Therefore, when you pass by there, help me take this letter and bring it to him."

Feng Wu nodded her head as her gaze fell on the second letter. "Yan Shi En? The Imperial Academy's dean?"

Old Man Ba nodded and replied. "I and him are old friends of many years. Help me bring this letter to him. Remember, you need to personally put this letter in his hand, go it?"

Feng Wu asked probingly. "I have to do this personally?"

"Of course you have deliver it personally, you must deliver it personally. Have you remembered it well?" Old Man Ba emphasized this over and over again.

Feng Wu said 'oh' once. "I say, Old Man Ba, you shouldn't have requested that this official dean of the Imperial Academy to take more care of me, have you?"

Old Man Ba's thoughts had been guessed correctly. He suddenly shot Feng Wu a glance and very arrogantly said. "Little lass, aren't you being a bit too idealistic, am I, your grandfather Ba, such a kindhearted person?"

"Of course you are." Feng Wu said in a 'naturally be expected' way.

Old Man Ba shot Feng Wu another glance and muttered softly. "It's a pity, child, that it's impossible for you to cultivate in this lifetime. Otherwise, I can even have Old Yan personally take you under his belt, what a pity, what a pity……"

Feng Wu didn't have the heart to deceive Old Man Ba. She removed the Concealment Spirit Jade and giggled 'heehee' as she said. "Who says I can't cultivate?"

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