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Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Let Go of Me!

"Hurry and let go of me!" The back of her collar was grabbed. Feng Wu brandished both hands, as if she was splashing in the water.

Feng Xun's handsome, clear and bright face appeared helpless. "Young girl, what are you worried about? These giant Horned Blood Bees aren't stupid. They've chased after me for half a day now, yet they haven't bit me."

Feng Wu was weeping in the depths of her heart. They naturally wouldn't bite you. They'd die if they bit you, OK? But the problem right now was that she'd stolen their queen bee, and the queen bee's unique smell had been detected. It'd be strange if they didn't go into a frenzy!

"Eh? That's strange, why are they all circling around you, they're even frantically targeting you!" Feng Xun felt that something's strange.

Feng Wu glared at him irritably. Brother, did

you finally discover this now?

"Ah!" Feng Wu lost her concentration for a second and got stung by a giant Horned Blood Bee. It hurt so much, she painfully let out a sound.

Feng Xun anxiously pat his own forehead. "It's my fault, all my fault. If it wasn't for me dragging you back, you would've escaped previously. Looking at your constitution, it would seem that the giant Horned Blood Bees find you appetizing?"

How could Feng Wu dare to expose that she'd stolen their queen bee? Therefore, she did her best to nod, mm hm, mm, mm.

Feng Wu herself didn't know, that her innocent appearance really looked extremely adorable.

Feng Xun's face was full of self blame, as he picked Feng Wu off the ground and in the next split second, his body already rushed outward like a shooting star.

When Feng Xun became serious, his speed was practically as fast as the wind, or a streak of lightning.

He ran for approximately the

the amount of time it took to burn a stick of incense before he finally stopped. He then lowered Feng Wu to the ground. "It's alright now. Those giant Horned Blood Bees won't be able to chase us, you don't need to worry. If I say it's fine, then it's fine."

Feng Wu couldn't help but take another look at Feng Xun. She didn't expect that after separating for five years, Feng Xun's strength would've increased so much. If her phoenix blood wasn't destroyed by Zuo Qing Yun five years ago, right now, would she……

Feng Wu promptly dispelled any fantasy from her mind, keeping herself from thinking about such distracting thoughts.

On account of wanting to know Jun Lin Yuan's real purpose in entering Icebound Forest, she asked probingly. "There's danger everywhere within Icebound Forest, I just escaped from one calamity, should we leave?"

This was Feng Wu's way of retreating in order to advance. Indeed, the result was good.

Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu

Feng Wu incomprehensibly. "Leave? Us brothers travelled a long distance from the capital to Icebound Forest. We haven't yet acquired what we seek. How can we leave?"

Feng Wu's heart palpitated!

As expected!

They said the crown prince came to patrol the border. This was but an excuse. His true objective was Icebound Forest!

Feng Wu secretly clenched her teeth, feigning inquisitiveness on her face, a face filled with innocence, as she continued to probe. "You rushed over from the imperial capital far away? What are you guys looking for within Icebound Forest? Actually, I've seen many maps of Icebound Forest. Maybe I might just happen to know where the thing you want to look for is."

Having heard what was said, Feng Xun laughed in a clear voice. "Oh my, young girl, you really like to joke. The thing we want to find is something you definitely don't know the location of. It's a treasure inside Icebound Forest!"

Treasure? There were very few things which could be which could be considered treasures inside of Icebound Forest……the Immortal Spirit Fruit was one of them!

A bad premonition appeared in Feng Wu's heart.

Feng Wu prepared to ask further, when suddenly, an ice-cold voice transmitted from a short distance away. "Third Feng, you're actually so idle."

As soon as the words stopped, a blue robed youngster holding a sword in both hands dropped from the sky.

The young man's facial features were hidden in depth, the sleeves of his robe fluttered in the breeze, a slender figure, arrogant and proud, coldness permeated from his entire body.

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