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Chapter 149: The Person Who Feng Xun and Company Wanted to Find With Great Fanfare Was You, Right?

Qiu Ling's face was dripping with sweat. Her face revealed a frightened and anxious appearance.

Feng Wu sat by her bedside, raised her hand and gently patted her shoulder. "Qiu Ling, wakeup, wakeup."

"My Fifth Miss!" Qiu Ling yelled through her snore, eyes closed, as her body bolted into a sitting position.

"Having a nightmare?" Feng Wu's voice contained a trace of guilt.

Hearing this voice, Qiu Ling subconsciously opened her eyes. When she saw the person in front of her, she was stunned. Her entire body just froze in place like a block of wood!

"Am I dreaming? I'm dreaming about our Fifth Miss coming home……" Qiu Ling muttered and muttered, then the rims of her eyes started to redden.

Feng Wu 'pfff' laughed out loud. "Silly girl, this is not a dream, your Fifth Miss really came home."

"Fifth Miss? ! Fifth Miss! Is it really you? You didn't die? You came back? ! Boo hoo hoo—-" Qiu Ling's worries, anxiousness, and dread during these last few days all totally bubbled forth into her heart and threw herself into Feng Wu's embrace as large teardrops tumbled down. "Boo hoo hoo~~Fifth Miss was caught in the hawk's beak. I thought that you won't be able to return anymore——"

She was originally such a steady girl, yet she was currently crying to such a state. The guilt in Feng Wu's heart became even deeper. With a few simple sentences, Feng Wu told Qiu Ling about the things which happened in the last few days.

"My god!" Qiu Ling opened her eyes so wide, her eyeballs were about to fall out. "Miss, you……after you were caught by the hawk, you snatched the Immortal Spirit Fruit from Crown Prince Jun's hands? !"

Feng Wu. "Mn."

"Moreover, the Immortal Spirit Fruit's already been refined into the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill, and you can cultivate, now? !"

Feng Wu. "Mm hm."

"My god, OMG, OMG! The heavens have eyes, the firmament have eyes~boo hoo hoo——" Qiu Ling's pair of hands covered her face as she cried tears of joy. Large drops of tears continued to roll down. "This is wonderful, this is wonderful, it's really wonderful……"

Qiu Ling had served by Feng Wu's side ever since she was a child, watching her grow up from a little girl into a little genius, and also looked on helplessly when she fell from a godly position and became a trash. Now that she saw that Feng Wu could finally cultivate again, she was so emotional that her entire body just about bounced up!

Feng Wu seriously made it clear to her. "Feng Xun and the rest of them still don't know that I'm the ugly girl. At the time, you were also there at Cloud Gathering Pavillion. Don't you expose this secret, alright?"

"Mn!" Qiu Ling closed her hands tightly into fists!

"Hurry and go pack up. In less than two hours, we're setting out on a journey to the capital." Feng Wu let out a long sigh.

Feng Wu really didn't want to go to the capital right now. She originally planned to cultivate at Northern Territory City until she solidified her cultivation before entering the capital. But now that her brother had been carried away, Feng Wu had no choice but to set out on this journey.

During this last bit of time, Feng Wu left to go see Old Man Ba.

When Old Man Ba saw Feng Wu, that pair of scorching and nosy gaze focused on her and looked her up and down.

Feng Wu just sat down in a familiar manner and poured herself a cup of tea. She leisurely tasted the tea and allowed Old Man Ba to size her up.

In the end, it was still Old Man Ba who lost his cool first as he moved to Feng Wu's side. "Hey, little girl?"

"What?" Feng Wu harrumphed twice in a displeased manner.

"The person who Feng Xun and company wanted to find with great fanfare was you, right?"

Feng Wu remained silent about that. "Old Man Ba, aren't you a 'pill bug'(cared about nothing except pills)? Can you still be interested in these mundane, secular matters?"

Old Man Ba shot Feng Wu a glance and said arrogantly. "Doesn't this matter concern you? If it was anyone else, I, this old man, wouldn't have been interested."

An old child, an old child, Old Man Ba seemed rather like a little child right now.

Feng Wu shook her head. "No."

"Sheesh." Old Man Ba didn't believe it. "You're pulling the wool over my eyes, right? At that time, the person who entered the pill refining room was in fact, you. Moreover, the only person who knew about that passageway was also you. How could it not be you?"

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