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Chapter 148: Your Brother Only Need To Bleed A Few Drops Of Blood Each Day, That's All

Feng Wu. "……"

Jun Lin Yuan was only gentle and tender towards that young woman?

He thought she'd be envious and jealous?

What kind of a joke was this!

"Ha ha ha, that's right, I forgot to tell you something. Yesterday, our luck actually wasn't very good. That younger brother of yours cut his finger in silence. In the end, it was noticed by our Boss Jun that your brother surprisingly had a Black Spirit Body! Do you know what this signifies? ! Your brother's Black Spirit Body can save that young girl's life!"

Feng Wu's eyes narrowed dangerously.

A Black Spirit Body was extremely venerated and was also exceptionally rare. In the entire nine continents, probably less than a few could be found. Therefore, it's been said to be gifted among the gifted.

Due to the fact that a Black Spirit Body only needed an environment containing spiritual qi for it to be able to cultivate on its own, it's extremely enviable.

In the beginning, Little Seventh Feng was merely a false Black Spirit Body. With regards to geniuses, he's still not impressive enough.

No matter how the outside world criticized Feng Wu, she didn't care about how other people regarded her. Feng Wu stubbornly suppressed little Seventh Feng for five years and forbid him to cultivate.

Feng Wu counted on her mastery of supreme pill refining techniques. During these five years, she continually used legendary pills to nourish him until finally, little Seventh Feng's false Black Spirit Body was cleaned and its essence molted to become genuine Black Spirit Body! In the end, Jun Lin Yuan and company wanted to bleed little Seventh Feng's Black Spirit Body! If as a result, his Black Spirit Body was ruined, Feng Wu truly would be angry enough to kill!

Everybody said that Feng Wu was already crippled, that she was envious of Little Seventh Feng and wouldn't let him cultivate, that she wanted him to be a crippled along with her. But the fact was who could possibly know how much care Feng Wu put in for her younger brother?

"At the time, you're sleeping, so we didn't want to bother you by waking you up. Consequently, when we started on our journey, we just brought your younger brother along with us to return to the capital."

Feng Wu smiled coldly. Didn't want to bother her? Wasn't it more like they're afraid she wouldn't agree if she knew? So they acted first and reported it later!

One couldn't help but say, Feng Wu truly hit the nail on the head. Feng Wu was indeed a bit fearful of Feng Wu.

"You should be at ease, your brother only need to bleed a few drops of blood each day, that's all. He won't die. Furthermore, he's even selling a personal favour to our Boss Jun. This is such a big honor for you guys, you're also quite happy, right? Ha haha——"

Ha haha your ass! If Feng Xun was here, Feng Wu would take an iron cooking pan and smash his head with it for sure.

Bleed a few drops of blood each day? Which boorish pill refining master thought of this crude and cruel method? Feng Wu was so angry she wanted to beat up people!

"Little Wu……" Beautiful Mother's pair of clear, dark black eyes anxiously gazed at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu spoke to Nanny Zhao by her mother's side. "Help Mother pack up her things. We're setting out for the capital as soon as possible."

Nanny Zhao nodded her head. "That's right, how about Qiu Ling?"

At this moment, Feng Wu finally thought of her personal maid. Where's Qiu Ling?

Ever since after she entered Icebound Forest, she was constantly in a state of battle and chaos. All of her energy was focused on how to dodge and hide from Feng Xun's group. She hadn't attended to Qiu Ling, this girl.

Nanny Zhao said. "Qiu Ling was locked in the firewood room by the sixth miss. Sixth Miss even forbid us from sending food. She said she wanted to starve her for three days and three nights……"

Feng Wu opened her eyes wide. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Nanny Zhao smiled bitterly. "These two days, I've watched Miss. You've been so busy. There just hasn't been any opportunity to speak. Add to that the Crown Prince and his people's arrival, therefore, then……however, don't worry, Miss, I've been secretly sending food to Qiu Ling all along, she won't be hungry."

Feng Wu knew that actually, Nanny Zhao's been distressed and didn't want Feng Wu to bicker with Feng Liu again because of Qiu Ling's affairs.

"I'll go let her out." Feng Wu quickly walked towards the firewood house in the courtyard at the front.

When Feng Wu pushed open the door, Qiu Ling was sleeping deeply. Seeing that there was no injury on her face, and that she also was left to starve, Feng Wu finally breathed out and relaxed little by little.

The moonlight was like running water pouring down in torrents and shined in through the window. Therefore, it was possible to see Qiu Ling's sleeping face which showed traces of unease.

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