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Chapter 147: Which Girl Is In Our Boss Jun's Heart…….

Everybody could distinguish the complacency and flaunting in Feng Liu's words.

Feng Wu was even more thoroughly relieved.

"Hurry and go pack up. Only two hours are left. Once the sky brightens, we'll start the journey." Feng Liu urged.

Feng Wu laughed coldly. "I've been living fine at Northern Territory City. Why do I need to leave? Not going."

Beautiful Mother was holding Feng Wu's hands. Gleaming with tears, she turned towards her, as her tears dripped down in large drops. That appearance, was extremely painful for Feng Wu to watch.

Feng Wu heart suddenly bathumped. A sort of bad premonition floated into her brain. Before she asked——

"Ha haha haha——" Feng Liu faced the sky and laughed. "Feng Wu, can it be that you still haven't realized even now that your brother's nowhere to be seen?"

"Brother? Feng Wu finally realized that ever since she came out until now, she truly haven't discovered that Little Seventh Feng's presence. This little guy's so noisy, if he was present, with such a big even like her house collapsing, how could he not have rushed over? Could it be……

Thinking to this point, Feng Wu grasped her beautiful mother firmly and looked into her exceptionally beautiful eyes. "Mother?"

Beautiful Mother's eyes were dense with mist, sparkling with moist tears. She wanted to speak, but tears fell first……

"Ha ha ha——" Feng Liu laughed heartily. "Your younger brother has been arrested by Jun Lin Yuan! Taken to the capital ha ha ha——"

Feng Wu's heart suddenly sunk!

Jun Lin Yuan took away her brother? ! Why? !

Thinking about Jun Lin Yuan's profound, enigmatic, black colored eyes, she seemed to have understood everything. Feng Wu heart burst into depression. What in the world did he want to do? !

Feng Liu disdainfully casted a glance at Feng Wu. "In any case, our journey starts two hours from now. Even if you're not going, I and Elder Brother will still kidnap you to the capital. Shape up and take care!"

Wait until they arrive at the capital, the entire Feng clan would be her staunch support. At that time, she could then pinch Feng Wu firmly between her fingers. If she wanted Feng Wu to be a servant, she'd be one. If she wanted her to be a slave, she'd be a slave! Thinking of this, Feng Liu smugly clenched her fists, and ha ha ha howled with laughter the whole way through as she left.

Feng Wu's pair of good-looking delicate eyebrows furrowed up slightly.

Beautiful Mother surveyed her surroundings and saw that Feng Liu truly left, thereupon, she then quickly fished out a letter from inside her sleeve and stuffed it into Feng Wu's hand. She lowered her voice and cautiously spoke to Feng Wu. "I hid this really well and didn't allow other people to snatch it!"

Feng Wu rubbed her mother's dark black, satiny long hair with tenderness. Soon after, she opened the letter.

The letter was written by Feng Xun.

Feng Xun's letter reflected his usual character, and that was indeed his talkativeness.

With respect to talkativeness, there's an advantage to talkativeness, too. Everything that should be said, everything that shouldn't be said, Feng Xun wrote them all down.

"We originally thought that we'd stay at Northern Territory City for a few more days, however, an urgent letter arrived. We had no choice but hurry back, traveling through the night."

"Did you know? We came to Northern Territory City this time in order to look for an Immortal Spirit Fruit. A very beautiful and lovable girl was waiting for it to save her."

A very beautiful and lovable girl? Who? Feng Wu's eyebrows knit slightly, however, after searching through her entire brain, she still couldn't think of who this person could be.

"Ha ha ha, you must be very curious who this girl is, right? Think about it. Someone who can have our Boss Jun personally rush thousands of miles through remote areas, what kind of position would that girl have in our Boss Jun's heart?"

"Are you very envious, jealous? Haha ha. You shouldn't compare yourself to her by any means, if we say that the value of your existence in our Boss Jun's heart is the size of a sesame seed, then, that girl's value would almost completely fill Boss Jun's entire heart! Our Boss Jun only treats her with gentleness and tenderness. This is someone that you will never ever be able to compare to.

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