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Chapter 146: Who Wants To Enter the Capital?

Her body was buried beneath layers upon layers of remnant bricks and rotten roof tiles. These tiles and bricks completely covered her, sealing all the air within. It looks like she had been buried alive.

There was even the sound of Beautiful Mother's sobbing, worried voice coming from outside. "Little Wu, Little Wu, what's happened to you?"

Feng Liu insincerely pulled Beautiful Mother. "Second Aunt-In-Law, you should just accept fate. On this clear day, a sudden flash of lightning struck. Tell me, there are so many home, yet it didn't strike any other house, of all people, it struck this house of Feng Wu's. With a rumble, her house just collapsed. Even if she wasn't struck dead by the lightning, she should've also been crushed to death by the tiles and bricks. It's useless for you to cry now."

This voice clearly was consolatory, yet sounded so much as if it was rejoicing in other people's misfortune?

Beautiful Mother was scared and was sobbing loudly. As someone without the strength to truss a chicken, don't know how it was that she had the strength to push Feng Liu away, and staggered towards the collapsed pile of rubble. Halfway there, she even, fell down once, but she very quickly climbed up and continued to rush over.

How could Feng Wu bear it to see Mother worried, she, who was originally sitting cross-legged, immediately stood up.

Crash, plonk, crash——the broken roof tiles and ruined bricks tumbled around her as she stood up.

Along with these echoing noises, all gazes converged at this place!

After that, they stared with eyes wide, looked on helplessly they watched a human figure emerge from the rubble.

Her appearance was graceful beyond compare.

Her expression was calm and composed.

Her gaze showed no sign of nervousness.

"Little Wu——" Beautiful Mother was extremely worried as her pair of slender hands pulled at Feng Wu, trembling endlessly. "Little Wu, what're we going to do, your house was struck by lightning……"

"Mother, I'm fine." Feng Wu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Seeing her mother's creamy snowy face stained with dust, she raised her hand and gently wiped it clean.

After she rubbed Beautiful Mother's slim shoulders and pacified her, Feng Wu then turned to glare at Feng Liu.

Meeting Feng Wu's gaze, Feng Liu only felt her heart shivering!

What's going on?

Why did she feel that Feng Wu's eyes were even fiercer than before, threateningly colder!

That pair of pitch-black deep eyes, seemed like the handle of an ice-cold sharp blade, stabbing into Feng Liu's constricting heart.

"How can you be fine? ! Why haven't you died? !" Feng Liu couldn't understand no matter how she thought about it. Wasn't Feng Wu a cripple? How was it that she'd been struck by lightning, was buried under a house, and not only was she not dead, she didn't even receive the slightest bit of injury? Really damnable!

Feng Wu's arms crossed in front of her chest and smiled yet did not smile as she glanced at Feng Liu. "It seems that as my younger cousin, you very much hoped that I died?"

Feng Liu's complexion ashened. Before she spoke, Feng Yi Ran's figure entered from outside. His eyebrows furrowed on that handsome face and urged impatiently. "Are you ready? We're going to journey two hours from now."

"Journey where?" Feng Wu's eyes narrowed, and focused on Feng Yi Ran.

Feng Yi Ran also became aware of how sharp Feng Wu's gaze had become. However, his heart was set on hastening their journey and he didn't think more on it. He replied coldly. "Of course it's to return to the capital!"

"Who's returning to the capital?" Feng Wu's deep eyes narrowed slightly.

Feng Liu looked at Feng Wu taking joy in her misfortune. "I say, what's going on with you tonight? Can it be that you didn't even know that Crown Prince Jun and company left?"

"Jun Lin Yuan and company left?" Originally, Feng Wu couldn't think of an excuse to fool them, but now, she heard that they already left. Her heart immediately relaxed.

"That's right. They already left before the early morning hours even passed. When Crown Prince Jun left, he even especially spoke to me. What, can it be that he didn't speak to you?"

PS: Let's guess. Will they arrive at the capital~~~

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