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Chapter 145: How To Save Master?

The Rainbow Phoenix flew in a circle around Feng Wu as its gaze fixed on her, somewhat arrogantly and also somewhat angrily!

After harrumphing once, it again returned to Beautiful Master's shoulder and turned around, ignoring Feng Wu.

"Little Rainbow Phoenix, you don't care about me anymore?" Because the rainbow phoenix was a secret between her and Beautiful Master, whenever she saw it, Feng Wu felt extremely close to it.

It's all because of you that Master died! I already don't want to follow you!" The little Rainbow Phoenix put its hands on its hips and glared at Feng Wu fuming with anger!

Speaking of this matter, Feng Wu's heart was like it was forcibly stabbed by sharp blades, even breathing hurt. Her eyes hung down as her slender body trembled for a time.

Feng Wu clenched her fists, as her pair of black jade-like cold eyes solemnly focused on little Rainbow Phoenix. "Master indeed sunk into a coma on my account, but I swear, I'll surely rescue and wake up Master!"

"You simply won't be able to accomplish it!" The little Rainbow Phoenix panted with rage as it glared at Feng Wu. "Do you know how difficult it is to do this? First of all, you need——"

Feng Wu focused on the little Rainbow Phoenix, willing it to speak the rest of the words. However, the little Rainbow Phoenix only impatiently waved its hands. "Forget it. What good is it to say so much to you? You won't be able to do it anyway."

"Therefore, you actually know how to save Beautiful Master, right? You know how! Who told you? Was it Master? No matter who told you, just hurry up and tell me!" Feng Wu charged forward, both hands clasped on the little Rainbow Phoenix, so emotional she couldn't control herself, as she excitedly held the little Rainbow Phoenix up high!

The little Rainbow Phoenix glared at Feng Wu stiff-facedly. "What level is your cultivation now?"

Feng Wu happily replied. "Currently, I'm already a level three Spirit Master!"

The little Rainbow Phoenix looked to the skies and rolled its eyes. "Do you have no shame speaking as a level three Spirit Master? Due to your current strength, my telling you the way, is the same as sending you to your death. Even though I don't like you at present, however, if you die, Master will scold me for sure!"

"I won't be rash." Feng Wu lifted her hands and swore.

"Heh heh." The little Rainbow Phoenix simply didn't believe her.

Feng Wu knew that this little bird with a childish temperament was not to be looked down upon. Actually, it's temperament was quite tough. Whatever it won't tell her, it won't even reveal one word. No matter what tantrum or lures she used, it's all useless.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu could only ask. "Then what level of strength should I reach before you'll tell me?"

Little Rainbow Phoenix replied without the slightest hesitation. "Spirit Lord."

Feng Wu. "Spirit Ancestor! I'm only a level three Spirit Master right now. I need to continually advance through all nine Spirit Master levels before I can reach the Spirit Ancestor level. This is quite difficult."

Little Rainbow Phoenix arrogantly harrumphed once. "Spirit Ancestor, Spirit Ancestor it is then."

Feng Wu. "Then, we've agreed on this. Once I enter the Spirit Ancestor realm, you'll tell me how to save Master! But you mustn't renege on our agreement!"

Little Rainbow Phoenix seethed with anger as it glared at Feng Wu. "You've been struck by lightning, hurry and leave!"

Struck by lightning? What the hell?

Feng Wu was going to leave when little Rainbow Phoenix arrogantly said. "Don't forget to bring along that Concealment Spirit Jade."

Feng Wu then remembered that at that time, in order to hide her cultivation level, she always wore the Concealment Spirit Jade that Master gave her. Hiding her cultivation level, she was disguised as a pig to eat a tiger and tricked quite a number of people.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu gratefully took another look at Little Rainbow Phoenix. This little chap appeared on the surface to disdain her in every way, but actually, it still cared for her, quite.

After Feng Wu and Little Rainbow Phoenix confirmed everything over and over again, her spirit finally returned to her body.

She quickly opened her eyes. Her eyes were as bright and moist as fresh water.

With eyes opened, Feng Wu realized that something wasn't right.

What's happening?

It's pitch-dark all around; she couldn't see her hand in front of her.

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