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Chapter 144: Beautiful Master……

Rumbling sounds——

Feng Wu's little dantian expanded by another orbit compared to before. Without a doubt, Feng Wu had become a level three Spirit Master!

There were nine levels as a Spirit Master. Based on the speed she's currently leveling up, she's afraid……thinking of this, a slight curve appeared on the corners of Feng Wu's mouth.

She spit out a mouthful of turbid gas in between her pure white breaths, then slowly opened her eyes.

From the time she started, she'd continuously risen to the third level. Such noisy activity wasn't ordinary. It's impossible that Jun Lin Yuan and company residing in the neighboring courtyard hadn't noticed it, right?

This time, she needed to think of a way to properly explain things to them. However, when she thought of Jun Lin Yuan's pair of deep eyes that seemed to see through everything, Feng Wu suddenly didn't know how she should manage this.

She only hoped that they wouldn't connect her with the ugly girl, that'd be best.

That's right, after she leveled up, would Master also wake up?

The instant she opened her eyes, her figure moved, as her soul already entered the space she carried with her.

She quickly entered, full of expectation, as she looked at Beautiful Master!

She'd started to cultivate, couldn't her beautiful master regain consciousness?

Within such a big space, Beautiful Master was like a high immortal. His voluminous white robe folded and hung down in rounds, just like rolled clouds in the blue sky.

On that charming, godlike countenance, as bright as the sun and moon, those clear black jade-like eyes were still closed like before. The refined white lips were serene and insipid, penetrated by a breath of coldness, emptied of spirit.

Godlike and exceptional, elegant beyond compare, yet as before……devoid of life force.

Her heart hurt so……

Feng Wu subconsciously covered her left side, where her heart resided. Her heart in that place constricted time and time again. It hurted so much her complexion paled, on the verge of collapse.

"Master……." Feng Wu kneeled down on the ground on one knee, her slim as white as jade fingers trembled as she touched Beautiful Master's jade-like face.

Ice-cold to the touch, just like icy frost.

Feng Wu took in a deep breath, but she couldn't hold in dense mist on the rims of her eyes.

Seeing her master devoid of life force with his eyes closed, sunk into an endless coma, without knowing when he would wake up, Feng Wu closed her eyes tightly.

Her heart aching, blaming herself, feeling ashamed and uneasy, missing him……bubbling up in her heart like the tides, the five feelings mixed as her heart twisted in pain.

"Master… can you be willing to close your eyes and not look at me? I'm your Little Wu——" The tears in Feng Wu's eye sockets tumbled down, big drop by big drop. One drop after another tumbled down on Beautiful Master's clothes.

Suddenly, a rustling noise transmitted over.

Immersed in sorrow, Feng Wu suddenly woke with a start as she opened her alert eyes wide as stared at Beautiful Master's shoulder.

There, unexpectedly, stood a seven colored phoenix!

"Little Rainbow Phoenix!" Feng Wu excitedly cried out, as her fingers found themselves trembling!

Little Rainbow Phoenix!

Feng Wu didn't know where her master had found this Rainbow Phoenix.

At the time, on Beautiful Master's spotlessly white and glossy face, a smiling expression emerged that was as warm as the sun. He looked at his little girl gently, tenderly, and pamperingly. "This little Rainbow Phoenix is in fact an ancient divine bird. There's only one of it in these entire nine continents. Should I give it to you as a mount in the future?"

Ancient Divine Bird? That sounded quite awesome, the very little Feng Wu nodded as if her life depended on it.

Thereupon, Master then raised the Rainbow Phoenix as Feng Wu's mount. In less than a year, ash colored little Rainbow Phoenix grew seven pretty tail feathers. From an ugly little bird, it grew into a small Rainbow Phoenix, it's strength improved even more rapidly, surpassing Feng Wu many times over.
However, when Feng Wu was eight years old, Beautiful Master sunk into a coma and the Rainbow Phoenix also vanished without a trace. For a time, Feng Wu thought that it's gone, but didn't expect that it lost consciousness along with Master.

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