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Chapter 137: You're Even Smiling? !

That gaze of Jun Lin Yuan's was angered, cold, hawk-like and dangerous. Was there even a trace of adoration?

Therefore, Jun Lin Yuan not only didn't like Feng Wu, he even disliked her!

Thinking of this, Feng Yi Ran relaxed his breathing and quickly left towards the western gates.

At last, only Yu Ming Ye was left. Yu Ming Ye was just about to go to the northern gates, but Feng Xun barred the way. "This road is mine. Don't you go!"

Yu Ming Ye wasn't pleased as he glared at Feng Xun. "Then which way am I going?"

Feng Xun laughed coldly. "Don't you like that ugly girl? Who knows if you're going to deliberately let the water out? Therefore, don't you go on any of these four roads anymore."

After he spoke, Feng Xun quickly turned towards the northern road and stepped away. He only left behind the view of his arrogant back for Yu Ming Ye.

Yu Ming Ye. "……"

And at this moment, Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan were moving along on the same road.

The eastern road was the most flourishing and was also the liveliest big street. Actually, Feng Wu felt extremely nervous.

She was also baffled. She clearly faced matters calmly and composedly, however, in Jun Lin Yuan's presence, why did she always feel a lack in confidence instead?

Jun Lin Yuan walked in front of her. Feng Wu was separated behind him by distance of half a meter. The two of them maintained their silence and the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Feng Wu clenched her fists firmly at the sides of her body. She actually felt very worried.

If while they're walking and walking…..she suddenly needed to ventilate, then what should she do?

If it was Feng Xun, she'd find ways to fool him. However, Jun Lin Yuan's profound IQ. Even if she lived for a lifetime, she'd still have no hope of catching up.

Suddenly, Jun Lin Yuan halted his footsteps.

Her head hung low all along the way, as she frowned, a sour expression on her face. Feng Wu's head was rapidly pondering over countermeasures for this situation when it bumped against Jun Lin Yuan's as straight as a pine back.



Feng Wu subconsciously covered her nose, creased her brows, and opened her eyes wide to stare at Jun Lin Yuan as she repeatedly let out cold air.

She'd never known that it could hurt like this to bump into someone. That bump just now was as if she bumped into the hardest black iron stone.

Jun Lin Yuan turned around. What he saw was Feng Wu's wrinkly bitter melon-like little face and that pair of accusing eyes brimming with tears.

This kind of expression was extremely attractive.

An ordinary person's accusation wasn't of any use whatsoever. On the contrary, it could even cause Jun Lin Yuan to be fed up with it. However, on Feng Wu's beautiful face, when her pair of clear, penetrating, beautiful eyes gleamed with tears while complaining of hidden bitterness, using words from Feng Wu's modern era to describe the situation, that was precisely a nuclear grade weapon.

As aloof and disaffected as Jun Lin Yuan was, his facial expression couldn't help but freeze entirely, as he stared at Feng Wu. "Hurt?"

Feng Wu covered her nose, eyes gleaming with tears as she nodded for a time.

Jun Lin Yuan frowned more and more, then moved his lips. "Truly useless person."

Feng Wu instantly opened her eyes wide, that pair of contrasting black and white, as clear as water, beautiful eyes glared at Jun Lin Yuan as she pointed at him accusingly. "How could you be like that, you bumped into me and hurt me, yet you even scold me?"

Watching Little Feng Wu protesting before him chittering like a bird, Jun Lin Yuan's ten thousand year old glacier-like face, for whatever reason, unexpectedly faintly curved into a hint of an arc.

"You're even smiling? !" Feng Wu became increasingly angry and suddenly felt extremely aggrieved.

Jun Lin Yuan didn't smile year-round. However, at this moment, his eyes and brows bended slightly. A faintly smiling expression appeared on that pair of deep eyes which had always been a rippleless ancient well. That abstruse handsome face was simply world-shakingly beautiful.

Feng Wu froze in place and stared blankly, simply forgetting how to respond.

If we're merely talking about beauty, then Feng Wu, who's used to her own face, wouldn't have had such a big reaction.

What's crucial was that on Jun Lin Yuan's face, which was as cold as water from an icy river, Feng Wu saw a faint smile that was as warm as the sunlight…… when these two aspects mixed together, their destructive power simply……destroyed every stronghold.

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