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Chapter 1364: 1364
Chapter 1364: Their Goddess Is Beaten Up (3)

Feng Wu was as baffled as Chief Qiao was .

She gave the Chief Qiao copy a strange look . Her lips moved, but she didn’t know what to say .

The options were so limited . She had to pick five people from Imperial College, but she didn’t know many people here to begin with, let alone hate them . Therefore…

“Do you think Feng Wu will really do it?”

“I don’t think so . That’s Chief Qiao . Hit him and her life in Year 2 will be miserable!”

“That’s right . I bet she won’t do it . She’ll switch to another person . ”

Even Feng Xun was amazed .

That girl was amazing . Even Feng Xun hadn’t dared confront Chief Qiao in public like this when he was a student here . That was so incredible .

When everyone was convinced that Feng Wu was going to switch to another person —


Feng Wu raised a fist and punched “Chief Qiao” in the eye!

The force she exerted was incredible .

“Chief Qiao” was almost sent into the air by that punch .

A dead silence fell over the place .

Everyone stared at Feng Wu in astonishment .

They couldn’t believe their eyes .

They admired Feng Wu from the bottom of their hearts .

“She did it . ”

“Is she out of her mind?”

“Isn’t she afraid that Chief Qiao will get his revenge later?”

As a matter of fact, Feng Wu really didn’t know .

Because her top priority now was to finish the task as soon as possible and move to the next floor .

As for Chief Qiao… He had failed to live up to his promise, and he didn’t deserve her respect .

Meanwhile, Chief Qiao had clenched his fists and was staring at Feng Wu with a livid face .

Damn it!

He couldn’t believe that a student would dare do this to him .

Chief Qiao was furious .

On the other side, Feng Wu had grabbed “him” by the hair and was punching “him” in the stomach!

She shouted angrily as she beat “him . ” “This is for you to eat your words, and this is for making me take the Dragon’s Gate challenge!”

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Chief Qiao’s face almost turned purple, and his eyes spat fire!

That one minute felt like a century to Chief Qiao .

Finally, it was over .

When Feng Wu finally cut “Chief Qiao’s” head off, many people gave her looks of admiration mixed with sympathy .

They were convinced that her life would be miserable here in Initial .

As for the last two individuals…

Feng Wu randomly picked two members from Tiger Head — Leng Hu and Gu Honglang — since she simply hadn’t interacted with a lot of people here .

This trial was supposed to be the most relaxing one, but Feng Wu only considered it a waste of time .

When Feng Wu looked at the eyes in the ceiling, that wicked voice rang out again .

“Well, this is it . You’ve finished the trial . ”

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Feng Wu said, “Did you just waste my five minutes for fun?”

The voice chuckled . “Aren’t you happy? Don’t you feel relaxed? Doesn’t revenge excite you?”

Feng Wu said, “No . ”


She asked, “Can I go up now?”

“If you’re prepared, go ahead . ”

Feng Wu suddenly narrowed her eyes and asked, “What’s the eleventh floor like?”

She could smell a conspiracy .

“Teehee —” The evil voice chuckled in satisfaction . “Young lady, you’ll love it . ”

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