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Published at 9th of February 2021 02:50:21 AM

Chapter 1363
Chapter 1363: Their Goddess Is Beaten Up (2)

Immediately, a lot of people were furious at Feng Wu and felt sorry for Zuo Qingyu .

Zuo Qingyu’s eyes shone coldly as she watched Feng Wu relentlessly beat her up on the other end .

“Feng Wu! I’ll remember this!

“I’ll make you pay for everything you’ve done today!”

Feng Wu went on throwing punches at Zuo Qingyu .

It was so strange to see their goddess turn into a punch bag .

A lot of the Year 2 female students didn’t like Zuo Qingyu . Therefore, they almost couldn’t contain their excitement when they saw Feng Wu turn Zuo Qingyu into a sandbag .

Since the enemy of an enemy was a friend, a lot of the girls already liked Feng Wu a lot more .

Feng Wu had no idea of any of this . Her top priority now was to get through the five people as quickly as possible .

She vented her sarcasm inwardly as she threw punches .

What a waste of time! She had to punch these people until there was blood . Using a weapon would be so much more efficient; she could finish all five of them in a minute .

The one minute finally passed . Feng Wu drew out her Fallen Star Sword immediately and cut Zuo Qingyu’s head off!

Although it was only a virtual image, it looked real enough . Blood gushed out from where a head used to be .

Outside, everyone paled when they saw this .

The way Feng Wu cut down Zuo Qingyu’s body was so intimidating .

Feeling a chill run down her spine, Zuo Qingyu involuntarily touched her own head .

Just then, Feng Wu suddenly turned her head .

She just happened to look in the direction of Zuo Qingyu outside .

Zuo Qingyu knew perfectly well that Feng Wu couldn’t possibly see her, but the look still gave her the creeps . Her stomach lurched, and she looked away .

Feng Wu didn’t think much of this incident, but the scene would become Zuo Qingyu’s recurring nightmare .

Then, it was time for the third person .

“Who will it be?” The onlookers were all a little excited .

It felt like prying into Feng Wu’s secrets, and they were thrilled and scared at the same time .

Those that felt scared were all Feng Wu’s acquaintances . The students who had never met Feng Wu before wouldn’t have had any conflict with her, so Feng Wu had no reason to hate them .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu felt like screaming .

Who else did she hate?

As a matter of fact, she hated neither Qiao Yi or Zuo Qingyu .

Because they hadn’t actually hurt her . To her, those two people were like fleas hopping around her . What they did wasn’t serious enough to make her hate them, but they could be quite annoying .

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She had picked those two people with much difficulty, but now, she would need a third one . Feng Wu racked her brain .


Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the next person .

That was because —

“Chief Qiao?!”

“Gosh! Feng Wu is so…”

“Does she have a death wish? How could she…”

“Does she want to stay in Initial or not? That’s the head teacher of Year 2!”

“Feng Wu has to know that we’re all watching this, right?”

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Everyone was thrilled when Chief Qiao appeared on the tenth floor .

Feng Wu was going to beat up a teacher . To be more precise, that was the head teacher of Year 2!

How exciting!

“Do it! Do it now!” Everyone urged Feng Wu in their heads .

Meanwhile, Chief Qiao was dumbfounded .

He had been a teacher for many years, but this was the first time he was put in such a situation!

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