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Published at 9th of February 2021 02:50:24 AM

Chapter 1362
Chapter 1362: Their Goddess Is Beaten Up (1)

Feng Wu said, “What kind of crappy rule is that?”

In front of the screen —

Qiao Yi was really crying now, because she was both infuriated and flustered .

She tugged at Chief Qiao’s sleeve . “Father! She’s humiliating me! Look at her!”

The other people all nodded . That was indeed a humiliation .

Chief Qiao patted Qiao Yi’s head in resignation .

Qiao Yi went on crying . “Father, are you going to let her do that to me? That’s not fair!”

Chief Qiao felt utterly helpless as well .

He could only tell his daughter, “Actually, that’s a fair trial . ”

Qiao Yi cried loudly . “How can it be fair? I won’t accept it!”

Chief Qiao explained, “That’s a reward for her passing the first nine trials . Anyone who reaches the tenth floor is given this opportunity . ”

Qiao Yi was speechless .

Meanwhile, the “Qiao Yi” on screen had her throat slit open .

Seeing this, the real Qiao Yi felt a chill run down her spine . She touched her neck involuntarily and was relieved to find her head still attached .

“Look, the second one is coming out!”

No one had time to feel sorry for Qiao Yi . Right now, all eyes were on Feng Wu . They were curious about the second person whom Feng Wu hated .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged looks, and both seemed worried .

Just then, there was a whooshing sound .

A figure appeared in front of Feng Wu .

“Zuo Qingyu?!”

Everyone cried out in surprise .

They all knew who Zuo Qingyu was . She was the prom queen of Year 2 and the most admired goddess of Initial .

“Zuo Qingyu” stood calmly in front of Feng Wu . In her white dress, she looked like a fairy from another world .

The real Zuo Qingyu was in the crowd as well .

Her face had gone pale, and her hands clenched into fists .

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She wanted to kill Feng Wu!

The students of Initial were all about studying, and they knew nothing about the feud between Feng Wu and Zuo Qingyu .

They were dumbfounded and felt conflicted when they saw the other Zuo Qingyu .

They couldn’t believe that their goddess was going to get beaten up .

“Why does Feng Wu hate Goddess Qingyu?”

“Do they know each other?”

“Goddess Qingyu is so smart and pretty, and she has such a mild temper as well . Although she’s from an influential family, she has never treated us differently; she’s always respected everyone . Can Feng Wu bring herself to hit such a nice young lady?”

“If Feng Wu does anything to hurt QIngyu, I’ll make her pay!”

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“Look! Lu Chenhua is here! He’s Goddess Qingyu’s most loyal suitor!”

“He’s 9th on the billboard!”

Meanwhile, Lu Chenhua walked up to Zuo Qingyu with a frown on his face . He said, “Qingyu, I’ll protect you . ”

Qiao Yi was probably the only one who could understand what Zuo Qingyu was going through now .

Zuo Qingyu knew that she couldn’t lose her temper, because only the weak could earn other people’s sympathy and public opinion .

Biting her lower lip, Zuo Qingyu made tears well up in her eyes, but she wouldn’t let herself cry .

Everyone felt their hearts go out to Zuo Qingyu when they saw the look on her face .

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