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Published at 9th of February 2021 02:50:27 AM

Chapter 1361
Chapter 1361: Isn’t It Fun?

That spot was where the evil sound had come from .

“You need to choose at least five people . ” It hadn’t gone away .

Feng Wu pursed her lips and looked troubled . “What if I can’t come up with five names?”

The voice snickered . “Then you lose . ”

Feng Wu was speechless .

Outside, many eyes were on Feng Wu, and they were all curious about the names she would give .

Meanwhile, Feng Xun felt conflicted . He pulled Xuan Yi to the side and asked, “Hey, do you think little Feng Wu will give Boss Jun’s name?”


Even someone as level-headed as Xuan Yi couldn’t stay calm anymore . He couldn’t imagine what would happen if Jun Linyuan’s name came up .

“Watch your mouth!” Xuan Yi threw Feng Xun a dirty look .

Covering his mouth, Feng Xun looked flustered . “Of course I don’t want it to happen, but if it does… That’ll be a disaster!”

Both Xuan Yi and Feng Xun were on edge .

“Look! Someone has shown up!” One of the students cried out .

Whoosh —

All eyes were on the big screen

Standing in front of Feng Wu was none other than a person that everyone knew .

“Miss Qiao Yi!”

“Wow —”

“Goodness, it’s her . ”

“If I remember correctly, Miss Qiao Yi is Chief Qiao’s daughter, isn’t she?”

“Not only is she Chief Qiao’s daughter, she’s the class teacher of the new Year 1 students as well . She’s Feng Wu’s teacher!”

The crowd was speechless .

Some of the students were still looking at Feng Wu, while the others stared at Qiao Yi .

Qiao Yi was dumbfounded .

Her head had gone blank, and she felt humiliated and furious . Her face then turned from scarlet red to purple; she had never felt so embarrassed before .

Qiao Yi had never been publicly humiliated like this!

Clenching her fists, she trembled uncontrollably .

The searching looks in the eyes of the others felt like blades on her skin .

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Meanwhile —


Feng Wu struck out without hesitation .

Her fist smashed into Qiao Yi’s nose .

Whoosh —

Blood gushed out, splashing everywhere .

Outside, the real Qiao Yi didn’t feel the pain, but the humiliation she felt was even worse .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Feng Wu threw one punch after another .

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Poor “Qiao Yi . ” She could only endure the strikes, because she wasn’t allowed to fight back .

Seeing Qiao Yi’s bruised face, Feng Wu couldn’t stand it anymore .

She stared at the pair of eyes in the ceiling .

“Can’t I just slit her throat or something?”

The evil face in the ceiling guffawed . “Aren’t you enjoying it?”

“Enjoying it?” Feng Wu shook her head impatiently . “It’s such a waste of time . ”

Everyone outside was speechless .

Porr Qiao Yi . After beating her up like that, Feng Wu only found the whole thing a waste of her time . That was… so brutal!

“No, you can’t . You have to hit them for at least a minute, and they won’t even fight back . That’s the rule . Teehee —”

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