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Chapter 136: Boss Jun Clearly Doesn't Like Feng Wu

Feng Wu rested her forehead on her palm. If Feng Xun found out in the future that he spoke so complacently of his plan to catch her right in her presence……she wondered if he would beat her to death again……

However, this sort of situation also hadn't only occured once or twice, therefore, Feng Xun should've already gotten used to it, right?

Thinking of this, Feng Wu nearly let out a laugh. She could only lower her head, as her eyes focused on her nose, and her nose pointed to her heart. She didn't dare to allow people to see that her face was turning red from holding in her laughter.

Feng Xun pointed at himself as he said. "I and Little Feng Wu will set out from the east gates, Young Second Xuan sets out from the south gates, Feng Yi Ran from the west gates, Yu Ming Ye go to the north gate."

Feng Xun made the assignments based on what he felt was reasonable.

Didn't Boss Jun already showed clearly that he didn't want to bother with these mundane worldly affairs? Therefore, Feng Xun basically didn't count him in.

Jun Lin Yuan, who was admiring the landscape of the distant mountains, knitted his eyebrows faintly.

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, Yu Ming Ye immediately jumped up in opposition. "Why is Little Feng Wu accompanying you to the east gates? I refuse to accept!"

Feng Xun laughed coldly. "If you refuse to accept, let's fight."

"Fine, come come come, let's fight right now——" Yu Ming Ye was also a young man whose hot blood easily exploded. A little squeeze was all it took for him to start to explode. His words already clearly expressed his position.

It looked as if the two of them were truly going to start a fight. Jun Lin Yuan's deep eyes knit slightly and calmly opened his mouth. "Stop."

"Boss Jun……" Feng Xun turned towards Jun Lin Yuan.

"Jun Lin Yuan, you dare to take his side!" Yu Ming Ye was almost hopping mad.

However, the light out of the corners of Jun Lin Yuan's eyes remained ice-cold as he shot a glance at Feng Wu then apathetically opened his mouth. "You, follow me."

Travelling the same road as Jun Lin Yuan by herself? !

Feng Wu's little heart nearly exploded in its place.

"No no no……" Feng Wu quickly waved her hands. "You guys go. I'm not going. That ugly girl, or whatever, what does she have to do with me? I'm definitely not going on a hunt for her……Hey——" Currently, what she wanted more than anything was to find a place to properly cultivate, alright?

Just when Feng Wu was waving her hands, Jun Lin Yuan's pair of slender and strong hands grabbed at Feng Wu's wrist. Directly and efficiently, he immediately left.

Everybody behind him, without exception, watched dumbstruck.

Didn't they say that Boss Jun had mysophobia? His hands had never touched people voluntarily, right? Just now, he pulled Feng Wu, hey, although they were separated by a layer of fabric, but……it's still a little strange. A tinge of doubt appeared in Xuan Yi's eyes.

But Feng Xun sighed a long sigh, his eyes filled with the look of guilt. "Alas, Boss Jun clearly doesn't like Feng Wu, but because of me, he actually took the initiative to pull Feng Wu away……I truly feel apologetic towards Boss Jun."

Xuan Yi took a glance at Feng Xun unconvinced. "……is it really like that?"

"Can it be that it's not like that?" Feng Xun turned towards Xuan Yi doubtfully. "You shouldn't be thinking that Boss Jun wanted to be alone with Feng Wu, that's why he pulled her away on purpose, right?"

"Isn't that possibility truly there?" Xuan Yi always thought that this matter wasn't so simple.

"Ah haha haha ha——" Feng Xun seemed to have heard the funniest joke of his life as he covered his stomach and bent over in laughter. "Second Xuan, hey, Second Xuan, tell me, are you stupid? Hey, ouch, I'm dying of laughter, I'm truly dying of laughter haha haha——"

Xuan Yi wasn't pleased as he took a glance at him. He shook his head then faced south to set off.

Nevertheless, an idea appeared in Feng Yi Ran's mind. Could it be that Jun Lin Yuan truly liked that beautiful face of Feng Wu's that could cause the downfall of a country. It's not completely impossible for Jun Lin Yuan to like her, right? But that can't be right. If he liked her, why was it necessary to annul their engagement during that time?

Feng Yi Ran strove to flip through his memories. He's afraid he'd miss some details.

Very quickly, he remembered Jun Lin Yuan's gaze as he focused on Feng Wu……

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