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Chapter 1356: 1356
Chapter 1356: The Amazing Feng Wu (4)

The fairy was impressed by Feng Wu’s quick progress as well, and she sounded very excited . “Don’t worry . You were very efficient, and we still have 30 minutes left . ”

Feng Wu smiled wryly .

How could she not worry?

The first few floors were so easy, but it had taken her half an hour to pass them . She still had quite a few floors left; time was of the essence here .

She was on the ninth floor now .

“What’s this trial about?”

Many people watched curiously, but they couldn’t figure it out .

“Listen . Do you hear that?”

Someone cried out .

Instantly —

Everyone stopped talking, and silence fell over the square .

Cuckoo — cuckoo —

“What’s that?”

“Is that a bird?”

“Why birds? Can they stop Feng Wu?”

“Wait! I know what it is! I read about it in ‘Strange Creatures of the East . ’ Those are Laughing Cuckoos!”

“What’s a Laughing Cuckoo?”

“They twitch when they laugh, and they start spitting black liquid out of their beaks . As soon as that liquid touches a person —

“That person will turn black, become weak, and can’t activate their spiritual essence at all .

“All it takes is one drop of that liquid .

“However, that liquid contains a rich amount of spiritual essence . Once the toxin is removed, it’ll be edible and will help one’s cultivation greatly .

“Therefore, this trial is dangerous, but it’s a great opportunity as well!”

Instantly, all eyes were on Feng Wu .

There were so many Laughing Cuckoos, and they were all flapping their wings!

The inky liquid they spat out rained down, so what could Feng Wu do to keep the liquid from touching her?

All it would take was just one drop to paralyze her .

All eyes were on Feng Wu .

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Even the powerful crown prince didn’t look away from her .

What a girl…

No one noticed the little smile on his face .

Nor did they see his flickering eyes .

Feng Wu had no idea that so many eyes were on her . Right now, she had narrowed her eyes and was staring at the Laughing Cuckoos .

The “laughing” part of their name was very accurate, for right now, they were all cracking up like crazy people .

As they laughed, the toxic inky liquid dripped down from their beaks!

One, two, three, four… Feng Wu counted in her head .

There were 999 of them in total .

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That was incredible!

This was the hardest trial Feng Wu had run into since entering the Dragon’s Gate .

Some of the previous trials might have been difficult, but she knew how to solve them .

But now —

She was at a loss .

Could she wrap herself up to cover all her skin? Any other day, Feng Wu would have that option, because she had her ring space .

But she was inside the Dragon’s Gate now, and she knew Chief Qiao would be able to see her .

So, she decided to play it safe .

If she couldn’t do anything about herself, she would have to do something about the birds .

“It’s been three minutes…” the fairy prompted when she saw that Feng Wu wasn’t taking any action .

Feng Wu bit her lower lip . She still didn’t know what to do .

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