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Chapter 1355
Chapter 1355: The Amazing Feng Wu (3)

Of these people, Qiao Yi was the most devastated of them all .

Right now, she had clenched her fists and was shaking from head to toe . Her eyes practically spat fire .

“How can this be? Isn’t she supposed to be dead? Why is she still alive? Why?!”

Qiao Yi gritted her teeth and bit her lower lip so hard that it bled .

Feng Wu had no idea of the complicated feelings which the others had about her . Right now, she was squinting at the purple vine in her hand .

In fact, she had known from the very beginning that she had to solve the problem at its root .

The purple vine had covered the entire place, but Feng Wu had been convinced that it had to have a core somewhere .

If she could take control of the core, the vine would no longer be a threat .

Thus, as soon as she slipped out of the vine, Feng Wu had immediately headed for the core .

Other people might not know where the core was, but Feng Wu did .

Because she knew formations .

The vine had been arranged in a formation, and Feng Wu was able to calculate where the core was .

Most people only learned formation skills by the book, but Feng Wu was able to apply the logic of formations to other problems .

That was why Feng Wu was able to take control of the core and defeat the vine so easily .

Then –

Feng Wu stared at the core .

The look on her face had never been so serious .

Under her gaze, the core began to shrink .

At first, it was the size of a football, but it grew smaller and smaller until it was only the size of an egg .

Feng Wu stuffed it into her sleeve and happily moved on to the next floor .

Outside, many people were astonished again .

“Wait a minute! What was that?”

“Feng Wu took the core!”

“That purple vine is the trial itself, and a very rare spirit plant, but she just took it with her!”

Instantly, everyone turned to Chief Qiao in bewilderment .

“Can we take away whatever has been placed inside the Dragon’s Gate?”

Chief Qiao was as dumbfounded as they were .

He said, “Of course not!”

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“But didn’t Feng Wu do exactly that?”

Chief Qiao was speechless .

He had taught here for many years, but this was the first time he had seen someone remove an “examiner” from its floor…

“Wait, that’s hardly the point here . The more important thing is that Feng Wu is already on the ninth floor!”

“That’s the last trial at the elite level!”

“If she passes this one, a lot of people here are going to lose . ”

Instantly, they all fell silent .

That was right…

In order to make Feng Wu lose more points, they had bet heavily . A lot of people had staked all their points .

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“Who could have known?”

“I never thought Feng Wu would get this far!”

“And she just keeps giving us pleasant surprises!”

“That’s not pleasant at all! It’s frightening!”

“So, Feng Wu isn’t going to pass the ninth floor, is she?”

Many people pressed their palms together and prayed in silence, hoping that Feng Wu would fail this trial .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was on the ninth floor and had narrowed her eyes .

“How much time do I have?”

She asked the fairy the question in her head .

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