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Chapter 135: Tell Me, Are You Stupid?

Yu Ming Ye glared at Jun Lin Yuan in a totally imposing manner as he pointed at Feng Wu and repeated again. "Speak, do you like her?"

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of handsome eyes narrowed dangerously, hawk-like, making a person shudder.

These two people were facing one another again……

Everyone at the scene looked at Yu Ming Ye as if they're looking at an idiot. Was this young man retarded, Jun Lin Yuan liked the ugly girl? That would be the world's biggest joke, just too ridiculous.

Feng Xun was dumbfounded. "How can it be possible for our Boss Jun to like the ugly girl? Since you like her that much, she's yours, how's that?"

Jun Lin Yuan silently casted a glance at Feng Xun.

Yu Ming Ye was actually quite happy, however, he once again regained his focus and frankly asked. "Jun Lin Yuan, since you don't like the ugly girl, then the one you like shouldn't be Feng Wu, right?"

In the next second, everybody stared at Feng Wu with a kind of very strange gaze, staring until Feng Wu's complexion turned red.

This was truly too embarrassing……Jun Lin Yuan liked her? Only if the world produced red rain.

Sized up by one strange gaze after another, Feng Wu wished that she could leave immediately.

Feng Xun glanced at Feng Wu with pity and hurriedly stepped forward to smooth things over. He chuckled and said. "Yu Ming Ye, hey, Yu Ming Ye, tell me, are you stupid or not. Can our Boss Jun be fond of a cripple?"

Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun.

Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun to the extent that his heart cowered a bit, but he very quickly spread out his hand. "Can it be that you're not a cripple?"

Feng Wu nearly spit blood, she was so angry, yet she was powerless to refute.

She took in a deep breath.

She's not angry, not angry……she already consumed the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill now, as long as she entered a quiet environment, she could then start to cultivate. Whether she's a cripple or not, time will tell.

Feng Wu's eyebrows suddenly jumped as she glanced at Feng Xun. "Young Prince Feng."


Feng Wu suddenly called out to him so formally, Feng Xun quivered all over.

"What cultivation level are you at?"

Feng Xun blurted. "Spirit Ancestor realm——"

Soon after, he then proudly declared. "In any case, this is a realm that you cannot hope to reach in this lifetime, what're you asking this for? Aren't you just adding to your worries?"

"Spirit Ancestor level? There are three stars altogether at the Spirit Ancestor realm, could the Young Prince be at the third star?" Feng Wu asked in a soft voice.

Besides the Spirit Master realm, which was divided into nine levels, the Spirit Ancestor realm moved forwards through three stars.

Based on what Feng Wu knew, Fairy Mu Yao and the others were still at the Spirit Master realm, and Zuo Qing Ze was already at the Spirit Ancestor realm.

Feng Xun spoke complacently. "I'm at the Spirit Ancestor realm and will be breaking into the Spirit Lord realm soon. What do you think, envious? Alas, you girl, if at that time, you didn't……"

Feng Xun formerly thought that speaking of these things would cause Feng Wu to feel uncomfortable and deeply hurt, however, he discovered instead that not only did Feng Wu no get angry, the corners of her mouth even rose into a bigger arc……can it be that this girl was so upset that she became confused?

Yu Ming Ye that everyone took no notice of him and was just about to speak, but was interrupted by Feng Xun. "Fine, fine, let's get back to the main topic. This time, our most important goal is to catch that ugly girl. I haven't spoken wrongly, right?"

As Feng Xun was speaking, he was also looking at Jun Lin Yuan.

He saw that Jun Lin Yuan was only admiring the view of Icebound Forest in the distance. Clearly, the boss didn't want to get involved, in that case, it's up to him to make the decision.

"Just now, I already had the City Lord close the city gates and seal off the aqueducts. In other words, that ugly girl is currently stuck inside the city walls of this Northern Territory City."

"Now, we'll divide our forces into four and concentrate our search at the four main directions of north, south, east, and west. We'll surround her seamlessly. I don't believe that with us surrounding her this way, that the sly girl can still escape!"

Feng Wu stared at Feng Xun.

This earnest and focused Feng Xun's facial outline was abstruse. His facial features were refined beyond compare and eyes as clear as water. The words came out of his mouth forcefully and sonorously, clearly and orderly. He possessed deadly attractiveness……

If he wasn't talking about capturing her, Feng Wu would've applauded him.

"Alright, the plan has already been spoken of completely, now let's begin to assign our teams."

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