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Chapter 1347
Chapter 1347: Untitled

Even Feng Xun was frowning now .

“There are so many of them! Even I would need a little bit of work to go through them . ”

Because of those words, many people doubted whether Feng Wu could pass this trial .

There were twenty gigantic robots in total, each as tall and strong as the next . They didn’t even have to raise an arm; they could easily squash Feng Wu to a pulp with one big thumb .

To them, Feng Wu was no more than a flea .

To their surprise, instead of running away, Feng Wu jumped onto one of the robots at an unbelievable speed .

She had to!

There were too many robots here . If she stayed on the ground, she would either be caught or stepped on .

Feng Wu was smarter than that . Knowing how dangerous it was to stay on the ground, she ran toward the robots and jumped onto one of them the first chance she got .

The color of her clothes was very similar to that of the robots, and they couldn’t find her once she was on the back of one of them .

To make it worse for them, Feng Wu had found out everything about them from the previous two trials . She was able to take them apart without any difficulty!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

One of the robots fell to pieces .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Another one fell apart as well .

The students outside watched with open mouths and didn’t know what to say .

“This Feng Wu is so scary!”

“Is she even human?”

“How does she know this sort of thing?!”

Feng Wu didn’t know that she was being watched by thousands of people, but even if she did, she probably wouldn’t care .

She was moving so fast that watching her made the others dizzy .

Thud, thud, thud ——

With her swift movements, ten robots soon turned into spare parts .

Moreover, as they fell apart, the spare parts covered the floor .

The rest of the robots chased after Feng Wu .

But the spare parts were now piled up to their calves, hindering their movements .

They weren’t able to run after Feng Wu .

On the other hand, Feng Wu had figured out the robots’ structure and their stances . She could attack them or dodge their attacks as she wished .

There were nine robots left .

Eight .

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Seven .

In a matter of seconds, Feng Wu had taken apart five more robots .


“She’s incredible…”

“Where did she learn all that?”

The students opened their eyes wide in excitement and clenched their fists .

Many Year 2 students had changed their opinion of Feng Wu .

Even the members of Tiger Head couldn’t help but secretly admire her .

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“She’s insane!” Leng Hu snorted .

Tao Hu clenched his fists with bloodshot eyes .

This opponent was even more terrifying than he had expected!

“That girl is amazing!” Feng Xun wasn’t stingy with his compliments .

“She’s making very rapid progress!” He looked to Xuan Yi as he spoke .

Xuan Yi nodded .

One could say that they were the ones who had been with Feng Wu every step of the way as she worked to improve herself, but the speed of her achievements was beyond their imagination!

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