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Chapter 1343
Chapter 1343: Turn Things Around

Once Feng Wu figured that out, she smiled a little .

Since the robot was designed to make the optimal choice, doing the exact opposite would definitely disrupt its rhythm . Once that happened…

Feng Wu’s eyes became brighter and brighter .

She finally figured out a way to handle the robot!

After she had the right idea, all she needed to do now was find the best way to tackle the robot through trial and error .

By then, the robot was already very close to her!

If she wasn’t careful enough, it could grab her with its hand!

To everyone’s astonishment, Feng Wu suddenly stopped moving forward . Instead, she began to back away with strange movements .

Even the robot itself was baffled, let alone the onlookers .

It only took a second for Feng Wu to run around it .

The robot bellowed and spun around to chase her .


With the robot’s enormous size, it wasn’t very easy for it to turn around .

Feng Wu was as nimble as a little mouse . She kept running around the robot, making it disoriented .

Outside, everyone was dumbfounded .

Chaoge was very pleased, and she smirked at Qiao Yi . “Did you just say that Xiao Wu was going to fail? Look at how she’s playing the robot now . ”

Qiao Yi snorted . “Are you sure she’s going to win?”

Chaoge raised her chin . “Of course . Anyone with eyes can see that once Xiao Wu gets the chance to climb up that robot, she can cut its throat in no time . ”

Qiao Yi grunted, but she had to admit that Chaoge was right .

Everyone else agreed with Chaoge as well .

But —

To everyone’s surprise, Feng Wu didn’t do it!

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She had indeed climbed onto the robot, but she only jumped from one spot to another like a nimble monkey .

She didn’t climb onto its shoulder to cut its throat .

“What’s she doing?” asked someone in confusion .

“Who knows . She’s hopping around like she’s having fun . ”

“Why is she still in the mood to play? Does she not know what her priority is?”

“This Feng Wu is so vain . How can she be so careless? Is she showing off now?”

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After Feng Wu turned things around, many had changed their attitude toward her . However, their opinion of her changed again almost immediately .

Crossing her arms, Qiao Yi gave Chaoge a contemptuous look and clicked her tongue . “Gosh, I didn’t know she was the complacent type . She’s going to get herself killed . ”

Chaoge clenched her fists in frustration .

She snorted . “Xiao Wu knows what she’s doing! Just shut up and don’t say things you don’t understand!”

Qiao Yi chuckled . “You’re chopping logic . ”

Inside the Dragon’s Gate —

Chaoge was right . Feng Wu indeed had her own reasons .

Inspired by the trials for the normal level, she guessed that she would encounter robots on the next two floors, but they would be larger in number and more powerful .

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