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Chapter 134: You Want To Fight With Me For Her? !

That pair of eyes was tranquil and auspicious, as if a resplendent river of stars resided within their pupils, almost drawing out a person's soul!

How could there be such a moving pair of eyes in this world?

Thinking of this, Yu Ming Ye raised his head to stare at Feng Wu for a bit, he almost couldn't resist the enticement of her pretty face as was nearly seduced by her. Fortunately, his standpoint was resolute enough.

However, facing Feng Wu's pair of penetrating limpid eyes, beautiful pupils just like a river of stars……Yu Ming Ye's heart trembled again.

He's truly seeing ghosts! How could he again, again, again……feel that Feng Wu's eyes were also very beautiful, very beautiful?

Could it be that he's really an indecisive, fickle, half hearted, bastard? For a moment, Yu Ming Ye was stunned. He started to doubt himself.

Feng Wu watched the suddenly dazed Yu Ming Ye in a very puzzled manner. She felt and urge to tease him, hence, she deliberately moved up to him, giggled as she said. "Is the person who's been painted in this painting the goddess that your heart's been missing? Let me take a look——"

Yu Ming Ye's head instantly cleared up. He wanted to hide the picture scroll, but it was already too late. The person on the scroll was already seen clearly by Feng Wu.

"Eh? Where's that gorgeous goddess of yours, the one who's so pretty she floats? Where's she? Where? How come I don't see her?" Feng Wu saw Yu Ming Ye's face darken and was already laughing so hard her stomach was cramping up.

Yu Ming Ye's face……simply looked too funny.

"What? Goddess? This ugly girl?" Feng Xun unhappily told Feng Wu. "He's joking with you. Based on those beauty loving eyes of his, it's impossible for him to take a fancy to this ugly girl."

Feng Wu was waiting for Yu Ming Ye to deny this, based on Yu Ming Ye's ego, he'd absolutely deny it.

However, against Feng Wu's expectations——

"In what way is she not good-looking? I feel that she's very good-looking. In any case, she's much better looking than you! Humph!" Yu Ming Ye unexpectedly acknowledged it.

This acknowledgement of his made Feng Wu stumped for words……

This can't be, right? Yu Ming Ye shouldn't truly……

Then wasn't she playing with fire just now?

Without waiting for Feng Wu to react, Yu Ming Ye then pointed at that picture scroll and swore. "I, Yu Ming Ye, swears that in my lifetime, I won't marry anyone except the one in the picture! I, Yu Ming Ye, have decided on her!"

Feng Wu. "……"

She subconsciously retreated one step.

This is what's called crushing your own foot while trying to move the rock to crush someone else. Her foot had just been quite painfully crushed……

A scorching yet ice-cold gaze focused on Feng Wu, deep eyes surveying aloofly. Feng Wu subconsciously lifted her head up and met Jun Lin Yuan's pair of pitch black deep eyes……

Her heart bathumped a bit.

Jun Ling Yuan's face turned ice-cold as his deep eyes focused on Feng Wu. However, as he raised his hand, that picture scroll already fell into his hand.

"Hey, give that back, Jun Lin Yuan, return that to me!" Yu Ming Ye became anxious!

Jun Lin Yuan raised his right hand up high. Yu Ming Ye was so angry that he jumped up, but that picture scroll had already disappeared while Jun Lin Yuan's hand.

He already put it away.

When he was interacting with Yu Ming Ye, Jun Lin Yuan's eyes had always been focused on Feng Wu. Focused on her as she hung her head, focused such that Feng Wu felt as if her forehead was going to ignite……

"Return?" Jun Lin Yuan laughed coldly out loud.

"Jun Lin Yuan!" Yu Ming Ye finally became aware of a serious problem!

When they were still at Icebound Forest, the reason why he chose to make a move on Feng Wu was because Jun Lin Yuan treated her in a special way, therefore……

"It can't be that you also like the ugly girl? ! You want to fight with me for her? !" Yu Ming Ye angrily glared at Jun Lin Yuan. "Yes or no? Answer me!"

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