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Chapter 1338
Chapter 1338: Infatuation

The others were displeased to see Feng Xun take Feng Wu’s side as well . As a result, many people doubled the points they were using as their stakes .

More Year 2 students kept gathering round until almost all of them were there .

They then asked Chaoge for the final result, so she did some calculations .

She asked Feng Xun, “Are 100,000 points a lot?”

The points were quite valuable . With one point, one could rent a cultivation room for an hour .

And they were very hard to earn . Even the top student in the monthly test would only be rewarded with 100 points .

“100,000?” Feng Xun was a little surprised; he didn’t realize so many people held grudges against Feng Wu .

He checked the list and saw that most of the students had betted that Feng Wu wouldn’t be able to make it to the elite level . Only two people actually thought that she could enter the hell level .

And those two people were Shu Yunruo and Chang Xuekun .

As for the insane level…

No one thought Feng Wu was that good .

Feng Xun smiled . “I guess the house will take it all this time . ”

“Young Lord Feng, do you think that Miss Feng Wu can make it to the insane level?” someone asked indifferently .

Feng Xun looked up and found the man a little familiar .

“And you are?” He narrowed his eyes .

“I’m Yin Shaoning, and I was 15th in the last monthly test . ” The expression on the teenager’s face was as indifferent as his voice .

Feng Xun smiled . “15th . I see . ”

Yin Shaoning met Feng Xun’s eyes . “But I was stopped at the elite level and wasn’t able to enter the hell level . Young Lord Feng, do you think Miss Feng is more capable than I am?”

Everyone fell silent, and all they could hear was the howling wind .

Even Yin Shaoning, the 15th student in Year 2, couldn’t make it to the hell level . How could Feng Wu succeed? She had just left Year 1 and hadn’t been accepted into Year 2 yet .

After hearing Yin Shaoning’s question, everyone began to give Duan Chaoge strange looks .

They were even more convinced that Feng Wu was going to lose .

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“Excuse me . May I raise my stake?” someone asked gingerly .

Chaoge picked up her pen . “Of course!”

Feng Xun sighed in resignation .

He wondered if the girl had lost her mind . How could she agree to raise the stakes? Had she forgotten that Feng Wu couldn’t actually pass the insane level?

However, Chaoge had said yes, and there was nothing else Feng Xun could do .

He rubbed his forehead . “Fine, fine . Bring it on . Put in as much as you want . ”

Although Feng Wu had no points, Boss Jun had plenty of them . In the end, Boss Jun was going to be the one to pay the debt, so Feng Xun decided that he shouldn’t be worried . He grinned at Boss Jun .

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Meanwhile, the crown prince —

He had been standing there since Feng Wu went in . Crossing his hands behind his back, he looked as handsome as a deity . He kept his unblinking gaze on Feng Wu .

He had deep-set features, a chiseled jaw, and flawless skin . He was so stunning .

No matter how big the crowd was, one could always pick him out right away . He was simply too spectacular .

He was born with this charisma; it wasn’t something that could be obtained with learning .

Many young men were looking at Feng Wu through the dragon’s eyes, but almost all the girls were staring at Jun Linyuan with infatuated looks on their faces .

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