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Chapter 1334
Chapter 1334: Who In the Junwu Empire Can Stop Him?

Feng Xun was the one to break the silence .

He smiled and said, “Boss Jun, what a coincidence . What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

The crown prince raised an eyebrow and coughed into his fist .

He then turned around and shifted his brooding gaze to Feng Wu . His flickering eyes reminded her of a starry sky .

Feng Wu bit her lower lip and remained silent . She really didn’t know what to do and felt so embarrassed .

The teenager was still looking at Feng Wu . The look in his eyes was usually indifferent, but it was full of excitement now .

He waved at Feng Wu . “Come over here . ”

Feng Wu bit her lower lip, looked down, and clenched her fists .

“Just go . ” Feng Xun gave Feng Wu a little push toward Jun Linyuan and reminded her, “Don’t you want to take the Dragon’s Gate challenge? And didn’t you say Boss Jun is the only one who can help you? He’s here now, so it’s up to you if he’ll help you or not . ”

Feng Wu had nothing to say .

While Feng Wu was still fidgeting, Jun Linyuan raised an eyebrow and gave her a meaningful look . “Go get ready . ”

“Huh?” Feng Wu looked confused .

“The challenge will start in 15 minutes . Can you do it?” Jun Linyuan’s eyes were clear and bright .

15 minutes?!

Feng Wu grabbed Jun Linyuan’s arm in excitement, her eyes sparkling . “Yes! That’s great!”

“Alright . ” The crown prince’s face was expressionless, but his eyes twinkled a little, makIng him even more handsome .

Feng Wu looked curiously at Jun Linyuan and waited for him to go to Chief Qiao .

She was about to prompt him, when he glanced at her and said, “Give me a pen and some paper . ”

Feng Wu was dumbfounded .

Qiuling reacted first and soon fetched the things he needed .

The crown prince started writing a letter with casual strokes . His eyes glittered as he wrote .

Feng Xun then took the letter and ran off after saying, “I’m going to see Chief Qiao right now!”

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Only then did Feng Wu see the light .

Jun Linyuan didn’t need to talk to Chief Qiao himself . If he did, that man would probably be terrified to death .

“Let’s go . ”

Jun Linyuan strode off on his long legs, looking every bit as a ruler should .

Feng Wu immediately followed him .

Feng Wu couldn’t enter Initial whenever she wanted, because she wasn’t a Year 2 student yet .

As for the crown prince —

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Feng Wu was about to remind Jun Linyuan about what he had to do to get in, when she saw him swipe a finger through the air .

The barrier blocking the entrance split open as though it was made of paper, revealing a passageway wide enough for a person to walk through .

Feng Wu was speechless .

Jun Linyuan was indeed as amazing as he was said to be . Could anyone in the Junwu Empire stop him?

Shortly after Feng Wu entered, Chief Qiao arrived hastily together with Feng Xun .

Qiao Yi was with them as well .

Chief Qiao seemed infuriated when he saw Feng Wu, and there was a faint smirk on his face . However, his attitude changed completely when he saw Jun Linyuan .

“Your Royal Highness —”

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