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Chapter 133: Why Does This Rearview Look a Little Familiar?

Feng Wu turned towards him in confusion. Her limpid, contrasting black and white eyes, were filled with bewilderment. "What are you doing?"

Yu Ming Ye also didn't know why he was so angry. He just stared at Feng Wu, stared at Feng Wu very angrily. Suddenly, he extended his hand and grabbed Feng Wu's hand.

However, in the next second, Jun Lin Yuan, who'd always been indifferent and aloof, actually moved and arrived in front of Feng Wu.

Feng Wu could only passively retreat one step.

Yu Ming Ye and Jun Lin Yuan faced each other!

The two of their bodies were alert and toned, legs long and straight, about the same height, both faces exceptionally handsome. Even their strength were of the same level. This was a duel between kings.

They were in each other's line of sight.

Their eyes were deep. Sparks seemed to dance in the space between their eyes, crackling everywhere.

Feng Wu took in a deep breath. It was very clear that the Yu Ming Ye and Jun Lin Yuan duo don't get along, they'd fight the minute they see each other. They're presently looking to fight again, therefore——

It's unavoidable that bystanders will suffer, she'd better slip away quickly. What's more, she's just about ready to ventilate again……

Thereupon, Feng Wu took advantage of the moment when the two of them faced off, when cold ice and flaming sparks flew everywhere, to take a step back, then took another step back……in a short while, she already moved ten meters away.

This is great!

In order to allow herself to release some gas, Feng Wu turned around and was just about to let loose and depart at a flying speed——


A familiar voice sounded from behind her. "Hey, Little Feng Wu, where are you running to?"

It's Feng Xun!

Feng Wu withheld the air inside her and took a very deep breath. It hadn't erupted at the scene!

What kind of enmity or hatred was there between her and Feng Xun?

Why does he keep spoiling her plans all the time? !

Feng Xun continued to press on. "Little Feng Wu, hurry and come here. Boss Jun is here. Why are you running away? Are you stupid or what?"

Feng Wu deeply inhaled. She needed to inhale deeply to stay calm, otherwise, she's afraid that she no longer could restrain herself from charging out and fight with Feng Xun.

"Eh? Why does Little Feng Wu's rearview look a little familiar. I wonder where I've seen it before……" Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu's slender figure as seen from behind. A burst of inspiration flit by in his mind.

At this moment, Feng Wu only felt alarmed and trepidation!


This this this……

It shouldn't be what she's thinking, right?

Thinking of this, Feng Wu quickly turned her body around, and ran up with quick steps to slap at Feng Xun's head, waking Feng Xun up from his contemplative state!

"Hey! Why are you doing this? Only a bit more effort was needed for me to catch that inspiration." Feng Xun was a bit resentful as he glared at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu secretly breathed in relief at the close call, following which, she glared at Feng Xun in a bad mood. "Didn't you well for me to come back? Originally, I saw that everyone was getting tired, so I was going to buy some refreshments for everyone to drink. Since you yelled so anxiously, forget it."

Feng Wu randomly found an excuse to muddle through it. Feng Xun didn't doubt her at all.

And at this moment, Yu Ming Ye and Jun Lin Yuan were still glaring at one another. To be more precise, the one who exerted himself to keep his eyes glaring was Yu Ming Ye. Jun Lin Yuan already turned his head to leisurely look at the roof tile blue colored clouds in the sky.

Feng Xun raised his hand to pat Yu Ming Ye's shoulder. "What are you glaring at! Do you have time to waste right now? Catching the ugly girl should be the top priority, you know?"

"Catching the ugly girl? Have you guys really found her?" Yu Ming Ye's attention was instantly drawn away.

"Is it not so?" Feng Xun took out that picture scroll from his bosom and threw it at Yu Ming Ye. "Look at this yourself."

Yu Ming Ye impatiently unrolled the scroll. The painted figure immediately reflected in his eyes.

Merely an ordinary among ordinary faces, however——

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