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Chapter 1328: 1328
Chapter 1328: Whose Sword Is It?

Master Rong Yang looked stunned . He then stared at Zuo Ming with a strange look on his face before shifting his gaze to Zuo Qingyu .

For a moment, everyone just stood there in silence and looked at Master Rong Yang .

What was happening?

When Master Rong Yang finally spoke again, he asked, “What did you say? Your Fallen Star Sword?”

Zuo Ming asked, “Am I wrong to say that?”

Master Rong Yang said, “And you say that Zuo Qingyu has bonded with it . ”

Zuo Ming said, “Did I say something wrong?”

“Of course you did!” Master Rong Yang still felt very weak, but because of his rage, he bellowed at the top of his lungs .


Everyone cried out in surprise .

They hadn’t expected to hear that from Master Rong Yang at all .

“Master Rong Yang, what’s going on?” Emperor Wu sounded confused .

Only then did Master Rong Yang notice the emperor .

“Your Majesty?” Master Rong Yang looked bewildered .

Emperor Wu nodded at him and asked, “So, tell us . Who does this sword belong to?”

Master Rong Yang said righteously, “Of course it belongs to Feng Wu!”

That answer shocked everyone .

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Everyone had been making guesses based on Master Rong Yang’s reaction, but they were still astonished to hear that reply from him .

“What…” Lord Mu and the others exchanged bewildered looks .

Feng Yanfeng was stunned .

He had just been told that the formidable weapon belonged to Feng Wu!

“That’s impossible!”

More than one person objected, but Zuo Ming was the most astonished of them all .

He ran over to Master Rong Yang and glared at him . “Nonsense! You have no idea what you’re talking about!”

Master Rong Yang was in a bad mood, and Zuo Ming’s bellow only irritated him further . He yelled, “I made the weapon myself! How can I not know whose it is?! You old fool!”

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“You —” Zuo Ming shook with rage .

If Master Rong Yang was telling the truth, what Zuo Ming had done so far would make him look like a clown! How was he supposed to face his colleagues from now on?

Zuo Ming was still hesitating, when he looked up and saw Zuo Qingyu .

She was trying to sneak off .

Before she could do so, her father rushed over and grabbed her by the shoulder . “Zuo Qingyu! Give me an explanation! Tell them that the Fallen Star Sword belongs to our family!”

Zuo Qingyu’s face had turned scarlet red, and she looked utterly ashamed . If the ground opened up at that moment, she would jump in without hesitation .

“F- Father…”

“Speak! Hasn’t the sword bonded with you? What are you waiting for? Tell me!” Zuo Ming was losing his patience .

Zuo Qingyu wanted to bite her tongue off .

Had she known that things would turn out this way, she would never have made a claim on the sword . Right now, she was in such an awkward situation .

“Say something!” Zuo Ming sounded very anxious .

Right now, all eyes were on Zuo Qingyu .

What should she do? Was she doomed? Zuo Qingyu looked at Feng Wu and saw how unperturbed she was .

That woman! How could she always look so level-headed?!

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