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Chapter 132: You're, Afraid of Me?

True, true, truth……Fairy Mu Yao's back turned cold as she subconsciously shivered.

She didn't dare to face Jun Lin Yuan's gaze directly as her lips trembled. She wanted to repeat what she said previously, however……that pair of ice-cold, sharp blade-like, deep eyes was focused on her, malicious and brimming with danger, as if one wrong word from her and her brains would split open……

Such a scary aura……

"You dare lie……" Jun Lin Yuan's voice was apathetic, a penetrating danger that suffocated people.

Could the next half of the sentence be——I'll dare to kill you?

Hiss——Fairy Mu Yao drew out a breath of cold air instead!

So, so scary……Fairy Mu Yao subconsciously covered her stomach and only felt her heart jumping violently. It wasn't because she was shy. Rather, she was truly scared, so frightened that she didn't even know where to arrange her hands and feet.

"I……I……" Fairy Mu Yao actually didn't dare to lie. She was so scared her voice was trembling. "It's me. We're the ones who smeared Feng Wu's name. We're the ones who wanted to destroy Feng Wu's looks. We're the ones who first made a move, but it was really Feng Wu who threw us into the river——"

Once she reached the end of her speech, Fairy Mu Yao cried 'waah', cried as she ran……

Feng Liu's entire body became stunned. Fairy Mu Yao unexpectedly admitted it. This moron unexpectedly admitted it? ! Did she know the consequences that would follow after she admitted it?

However, when Jun Lin Yuan's ice-cold, sharp blade-like, deep eyes shifted to Feng Liu's body, she only felt as if her body fell into an icehouse. Her heart was startled into stopping its beat!

She finally understood how Fairy Mu Yao could be scared to that state!

"Aahh——" In the next second, Feng Liu fiercely pushed Feng Yi Ran away and chased after behind Fairy Mu Yao as she ran far away.

Her speed was as fast as a mountain lion!

Everyone. "……."

They were unexpectedly scared away like that……

On that unblemished, exceptionally handsome face of Jun Lin Yuan's, there appeared confusion. He took a glance at Feng Xun and knit his brows. "Why run?"

Feng Xun speechlessly slapped his forehead as he looked at the skies.

Boss Jun hadn't even started to interrogate them but the result was that these two girls were already so scared that they ran away. This could be considered as a 'what the hell'……

Feng Xun didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Boss Jun, you're just too scary!"

Jun Lin Yuan's handsome sword shaped eyebrows knitted slightly. "How?"

"Other people could cause soldiers to submit without fighting, but you haven't even started, yet the enemy have utterly been defeated, beaten the enemy into total collapse. You tell me, is that scary or not?"

Feng Xun simply didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Feng Wu looked towards Jun Lin Yuan with a very marvelous gaze……someone like Fairy Mu Yao, who wouldn't admit defeat even at death's door, really should be managed by Jun Lin Yuan. Without the need for words, with a single look, he could make people scared and crying.

"Any opinions?" Jun Lin Yuan focused on Feng Wu, eyes profound, so deep the bottom couldn't be seen. Facing those eyes which were like the vast starry sky, Feng Wu's heart instantly tightened, beating rapidly as she waved her hands. "None, no opinions, totally no opinions!"

"You're, afraid of me?" Jun Lin Yuan's pair of sword shaped eyebrows slightly creased, his deep eyes seemed to appear displeased.

Feng Wu's heart bathumped once!

Feng Wu was going to speak, but was interrupted by Yu Ming Ye.

Yu Ming Ye watched the two of them standing together.

The young man's energetic slender figure, fluttering robe, dancing black hair, an unrivalled ruler.

The fine young lady, slender, goddess-like beauty, elegant, excellent temperament, other wordly beautiful face.

Seemed as if there was a formless picture frame which framed the two of them together. Everything else around them became invisible……

A bit of an uncomfortable feeling suddenly appeared in his thoughts as he massaged his stomach. Was it because he misdirected his energy when he cultivated?

Furrowing his brows, Yu Ming Ye suddenly moved forward, thump thump thump, then glared savagely at Feng Wu!

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