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Chapter 1316
Chapter 1316: What An Exceptional Girl

“Apart from the problem with the dragon scale gold, the accident during the making of the dagger was caused by the excessive fire energy from the erupting magma . ”

How perceptive .

That pointed Master Rong Yang in the right direction, and he was enlightened . “That’s very true . ”

Crossing her hands behind her back, Feng Wu smiled . “So, all we have to do now is build a formation that’ll suppress the energy of the magma . That should solve the problem . ”

Master Rong Yang frowned . “Even if we can build such a formation, it’ll still take a lot of time . ”

Feng Wu smiled . “Master, a minimalistic formation won’t take that long to build . ”

It then occurred to Master Rong Yang that Feng Wu had used such a formation to put out the fire .

“I’ll owe you a very big favor if you can build one within the next three days,” Master Rong Yang told Feng Wu .

Feng Wu smiled . “Master, I’m afraid you’re going to lose . ”

After that, Feng Wu started working on the formation .

The layout of a formation was the most difficult part, even more so than the inscription .

It might be a difficult task for other people, but for Feng Wu, it was a piece of cake .

It only took her two hours to finish the layout .

After another two hours, Feng Wu had even completed the inscription .

Master Rong Yang was speechless .

He stood there in a trance-like state the entire time with his eyes wide open . He couldn’t believe what he was seeing .

She was simply too fast .

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Master Rong Yang knew formations well enough, but he had never seen someone as proficient in them as Feng Wu, not to mention that she was only a teenage girl .

Master Rong Yang was still dazed when Feng Wu finished her work .

She smiled at him . “It’s done . ”

Master Rong Yang was speechless .

She asked, “Would you like to try it?”

The master asked, “Where should I start?”

Feng Wu took a small box out of her sleeve and handed it to Master Rong Yang .

He opened it, and his eyes lit up .

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“This is fallen star iron!” Master Rong Yang’s eyes shone with excitement . “It’s even rarer than dragon scale gold! With the right supplementary materials, I’m sure I can build a formidable weapon with it!”

Feng Wu smiled and asked, “What do you think of dragon scale gold?”

“Fallen star iron and dragon scale gold are of the yin and yang attributes respectively . It’s perfect!” Master Rong Yang laughed wholeheartedly .

Something clicked in his head, and he studied Feng Wu .

What an amazing girl . She had planned everything out from the beginning and had lured the Zuo girl into her trap . Master Rong Yang was impressed .

Neither Master Rong Yang nor Feng Wu noticed when a pigeon flew out of the manor, carrying a letter to the crown prince’s residence in the imperial capital .

In the crown prince’s residence .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi had been staying there for the past few days .

They both had their own courtyards in the residence and would often spend the night there .

Seeing the pigeon in Feng’s hand, Feng Xun looked intrigued . “Is it about little Feng Wu?”

Feng nodded .

Throwing an arm over Xuan Yi’s shoulder, Feng Xun said, “Let’s go have a look . ”

In the study .

Feng handed the pigeon to Jun Linyuan while Feng Xun kept asking, “How did it go? Has little Feng Wu blended in?”

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