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Chapter 1315
Chapter 1315: Minimalism

After all, even Master Rong Yang hadn’t been able to solve the problem, so how could an ignorant girl make any difference? She had to be bluffing!

That was what Zuo Qingyu thought as well .

However, she didn’t look so sure after recalling all of Feng Wu’s achievements so far . She stared at Feng Wu without saying another word .

Feng Wu smiled back at her without flinching .

“Miss, it won’t cost you anything even if you lose…” Ruyi, Zuo Qingyu’s chambermaid, whispered in her ear .

Zuo Qingyu saw the light . “That’s right . If it won’t cost me anything, why should I say no?”

“Alright!” Zuo Qingyu smirked and took the bet .

Feng Wu’s expression remained unchanged, but her eyes flickered for a split second .

Her Fallen Star Sword was going to be a done deal .

The Rong manor was a very organized place . After clearing out the irrelevant people, the old steward led some servants into the well to clean the refinery room .

It only took them an hour to put the room back in order .

Master Rong Yang stared at Feng Wu and asked, “Do you really know what to do?”

Feng Wu nodded with a smile . “Master, do you trust me?”

Did he?

The master would have said no a few hours ago; he wouldn’t have believed such a young woman . However, after all that had happened…

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“Tell me your plan . ” Master Rong Yang gestured to Feng Wu .

Feng Wu gave him a mysterious smile . “Master, aren’t you curious how I was able to control the fire?”

“How did you do it?” Master Rong Yang was indeed very curious .

Feng Wu smiled . “I used a formation . ”

A formation?

As a weapon refiner, Master Rong Yang knew formations very well . He had created all the formations here in the Rong manor .

Something seemed to occur to him suddenly, and he jerked .

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The next second, he rushed into the well .

Zuo Qingyu didn’t hear the conversation between Feng Wu and the master, but her stomach lurched when she saw how excited Master Rong Yang was, and she had a bad feeling .

Master Rong Yang rushed into the refinery room .

The servants were only halfway through the cleaning, but it didn’t affect Master Rong Yang’s observation . Looking around the room, he soon noticed something .

And his eyes lit up .

That was it…

“I see! I can see it now!” Walking around the room, Master Rong Yang rubbed his hands excitedly . “It’s a simple formation, but exceptionally effective . Although it’s very straightforward, not many people can build it . ”

Master Rong Yang cried out in surprise and showered Feng Wu with praise .

No matter how surprised Master Rong Yang sounded, Feng Wu only smiled mildly at him .

“Did you really build this?” Master Rong Yang looked at Feng Wu in disbelief .

The formation merely consisted of a few bricks and spiritual stones, and didn’t require much maneuvering . However, the skill behind it was something that even Master Rong Yang couldn’t replicate . The creator had to be a genuine master in formations .

Crossing her hands behind her back, Feng Wu asked, “Do you think anyone else here could have done it?”

Master Rong Yang was rendered speechless .

Feng Wu chuckled inwardly when she saw Master Rong Yang’s silence . Her formation skills were taught by the beautiful master himself, and one couldn’t have a better teacher on this continent .

Since Master Rong Yang had recognized the merits of her formation, Feng Wu made another suggestion .

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