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Chapter 1314
Chapter 1314: I Bet You

Master Rong Yang gave Feng Wu a wry smile . “It’s true . We won’t be able to use the refinery room for a while . Moreover…”

He shook his head and said, “I still don’t know what went wrong during the refining process, but it’s true . I can’t start forging a new weapon just yet . However —”

There was a guilty look on his face when he said, “Kiddo, no one can deny how much you’ve helped me, so how about this?”

He made a suggestion . “I have quite a few good weapons in my personal collection . How about you pick out something?”

Something from Master Rong Yang’s collection was bound to be excellent, but what Feng Wu needed was the Fallen Star Sword that would match her Fallen Star Swordplay . There was no replacement for that .

Feng Wu shook her head with a wry smile on her face . “I’m afraid not . ”

Zuo Qingyu smirked inwardly . “Feng Wu, Master Rong Yang may be very kind to you now, but it doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want . Even if he wants to help you now, he can’t!”

However —

Feng Wu only smiled . “Master Rong Yang, what if I tell you that I can find out what went wrong when you were refining the dragon scale gold?”

The master looked at Feng Wu in resignation

Even he didn’t know what went wrong, so how could this girl know?

He wasn’t the only one who wasn’t convinced . The others shook their heads as well and whispered among themselves .

“This Feng Wu just doesn’t know when to stop . ”

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“She just won’t stop bragging . ”

“Master Rong Yang felt grateful for what she did, but if she keeps doing this, all that gratitude will disappear . ”

Even the old steward kept giving Feng Wu warning glances, telling her to stop before it was too late .

However, Feng Wu only stood there and wouldn’t move . She smiled at Master Rong Yang and waited for his reply .

At first, the master thought Feng Wu was only joking, but he now realized that she was very serious .

He was lost in thought .

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Seeing that the master was hesitating, Zuo Qingyu felt flustered . “Master, it’s…”

Feng Wu smiled at Zuo Qingyu . “So, you also think I’m going to succeed, don’t you?”

“Of course not!” Zuo Qingyu smirked .

Feng Wu smiled and asked . “Would you like to make a bet?”

Zuo Qingyu frowned . “On what?”

Glancing at the failed sample of the dragon scale gold dagger in Zuo Qingyu’s hand, Feng Wu smiled . “If I can’t solve this problem for Master Rong Yang, I’ll do one thing for you, anything . ”

Zuo Qingyu’s eyes lit up . “Anything? What if I tell you to take your own life?”

Feng Wu remained unperturbed . “Then I’ll have no choice but to do it . ”

“Xiao Wu!” Chaoge tugged at Feng Wu with an anxious look on her face .

Feng Wu only smiled and told Zuo Qingyu, “If that’s going to be your request, then I’ll do it . ”

It was such a tempting offer that Zuo Qingyu couldn’t suppress her excitement . She stared at Feng Wu and asked, “What if I lose?”

Feng Wu pointed at the dragon scale gold in Zuo Qingyu’s hand . “If you lose, you have to give that to me . ”

Feng Wu’s life versus a piece of useless dragon scale gold… Anyone would know what to do .

The crowd started talking all at once, confounded by the unfair terms…

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