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Chapter 1312
Chapter 1312: Her Conscience Wouldn’t Allow It

Less than 20 seconds later, a figure jumped out of the well and said in a thrilled voice, “The fire has been completely put out!”


The crowd was genuinely shocked now .

After saying those words, Yuan rushed over to Master Rong Yang and waved his hands in excitement . “Master, there’s no fire left except for some sparks!”

Just then, Lin came back out as well .

The crowd asked him, “Is it true? Has the fire been put out?”

Lin opened his mouth and wanted to say no, but he couldn’t tell such a lie when the fact was right in front of his eyes .

In the end, he could only sigh deeply and said, “Yes, the fire has been put out…”



“Oh my god!”

Everyone was astonished to hear that .

It was only a few moments ago when they were full of mistrust toward Feng Wu, and some people had even mocked her . However, Feng Wu had fulfilled her promise .

The crowd was overwhelmed with guilt .

The old steward felt so ashamed that he didn’t know what to say .

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“I need to see it . Help me go inside!” Holding his walking stick, Master Rong Yang rushed into the well as fast as he could manage, and soon, they heard his excited laughter .

All eyes were on Feng Wu again .

The crowd felt envious, thrilled, and jealous…

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that after this great achievement, Feng Wu had done Master Rong Yang such a great favor that he was bound to think highly of her .

And Master Rong Yang was one of the top weapon refiners in the empire!

How could they not feel jealous?

Meanwhile, Zuo Qingyu was completely dumbfounded .

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She had been this way ever since Feng Wu climbed out of the well, and she still couldn’t think straight .

Feng Wu… Feng Wu… Feng Wu! Zuo Qingyu clenched her fists, and her eyes went bloodshot red .

She couldn’t believe it!

The Zuo family had pulled so many strings and paid a lot of money, and it had even cost them something as precious as the dragon scale gold, but now… Zuo Qingyu’s eyes were almost spitting fire!

Her only hope now was…

“Please don’t let Master Rong Yang think highly of Feng Wu…”

However, her prayer wasn’t answered . With the old steward’s help, Master Rong Yang climbed out of the well on his injured leg .

He walked up to Feng Wu immediately and patted her on the shoulder . “Kiddo, what you did was so great!”

If one looked closely enough, they would be able to see that the master’s eyes were filled with excited tears .

Feng Wu’s eyes flickered .

What happened had gone slightly out of control .

She had tampered with the dragon scale gold earlier just to sabotage the old master’s forging process, but she had ended up destroying the entire place…

Feng Wu’s conscience wouldn’t allow her to accept the gratitude .

She said earnestly, “Old Master, the abnormal flame exploded mainly because of the dragon scale gold, which…”

The old man waved her off . “The magma has been quite unstable these days . Even if the dragon scale gold wasn’t there, something else might have induced the explosion anyway . ”

Fearing that the old man might accuse her over the dragon scale gold, Zuo Qingyu hastily chimed in, “The master is right!”

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