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Chapter 131: Jun Lin Yuan Is Too Scary!

Actually, Yu Ming Ye had a heap of elders following him, ok?

Those elders complained everyday that they're too idle, because there's nothing for them to do, ok?

If he, Yu Ming Ye, wanted to kill someone, would he even need to do the job himself?

When Yu Ming Ye became fierce, he could still be very imposing. He fixed his gaze on Fairy Mu Yao as he approached her step by step. Fairy Mu Yao was was scared to the point that she retreated again and again……

The current her was so regretful that her intestines turned green.

How could she have forgotten that Yu Ming Ye actually was the dark court's heir, the dark dynasty's successor……the dark dynasty that was so terrifying… they kill people like cutting grass……

Thinking of this, Fairy Mu Yao turned around and was going to run away, however, she had just turned around when she was spooked by the person standing behind her!

"You, you, you……"

Fairy Mu Yao pointed at Feng Wu. "When did you come here?"

Feng Wu's beautiful face that was capable of causing the downfall of nations smiled indifferently. "It's when you slandered me of having ambiguous relations with someone. What now, are you done talking?"

Facing Feng Wu's gaze, the pit of Fairy Mu Yao's stomach trembled. A fit of cold air blew at her back as she subconsciously retreated one step.

Feng Wu pressed forward one step. She retreated one step……

Fairy Mu Yao knew that Yu Ming Ye was behind her and that she couldn't retreat anymore, therefore, she could only glare at Feng Wu. "You, you wanted to kill me, yet you still dare to appear before me. What big nerves."

"Pfff pff——" Feng Wu laughed out loud. "Things having reached this stage yet you surprisingly still won't repent. Mu Yao, oh Mu Yao, you're truly still the person with the thickest skin that I've ever seen."

"You indeed originally wanted to harm me! You pulled me into the moat thinking to drown me. Don't tell me that I've misspoken? !" How could Fairy Mu Yao dare to admit it? She had to deny it till the end!

Right now, she didn't dare to bite on the matter of Yu Ming Ye and Feng Wu's ambiguous relationship, because she couldn't afford to provoke Yu Ming Ye. Therefore, she picked on Feng Wu, giving this soft persimmon a pinch.

"That's right, you're the one who originally wanted to injure us!" Feng Liu charged out to support Fairy Mu Yao.

Feng Xun laughed coldly. "One is a level five spirit master, the other is a level six spirit master. You two really still have the face to say that you're injured by a trash."

Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu's faces flushed red, however, they're going to deny it to the end!

They wouldn't concede even at death's door. Feng Wu also didn't have proof. What could she do to them?

Humph! They'd already lost face before Jun Lin Yuan. They definitely won't allow him to believe that they're vicious and merciless girls.

Yu Ming Ye didn't know why, but as he watched Feng Wu met with attacks from all sides, he suddenly discovered a feeling of faint tenderness……tenderness? Towards this clever and eloquent little girl? That's not possible! He repeatedly denied it.

Just when Feng Wu was preparing to dig a pit for the Fairy Mu Yao duo to jump into, an ice-cold figure separated from the crowd.

Jun Lin Yuan?

Everybody subconsciously turned towards this young man with the uniquely powerful, exceptional ice-cold aura.

Even though he had yet to open his mouth, no one dared to ignore his existence. He's a supreme existence among the crowd.

Jun Lin Yuan stood at half of an arm's distance in front of Feng Wu's body. Those deep, remotely cold eyes fixed on Fairy Mu Yao for an instant.

This apathetic glance actually made Fairy Mu Yao's heart suddenly contract and twitch as her figure stiffened instantly, as if she fell into an abyss!

Crown Prince Jun, this glance……what, what was the meaning behind it? He, he, what did he want?

"The truth." Two cold and detached words, just like a cold, sharp blade that struck straight at the pit of Fairy Mu Yao's stomach!

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