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Chapter 1306: 1306
Chapter 1306: An Accident

“Xiao Wu, you’re back! Why did you run so fast? Is someone chasing you?”

Feng Wu smiled . “It’s okay . I’ve thrown off the person already . ”

She rubbed the cub’s head as she spoke .

She didn’t expect the little thing to be so clever . Not only did it mimic a cat, it also did a great job .

“So, did you get what you want?” Seeing how happy Feng Wu was, Chaoge knew that she had probably succeeded .

Feng Wu nodded . “Don’t worry, Zuo Qingyu won’t get what she wants . ”

Chaoge had no idea what Feng Wu had done, but she trusted Feng Wu, like she always had .

One day, two days, three days…

Feng Wu was idle for the next few days and watched Little Phoenix as it refined the sand .

And on the fourth day!

Chaoge felt that she couldn’t wait anymore . Nudging Feng Wu with her elbow, she asked, “Didn’t you say that it was going to be alright? Why isn’t anything happening?”

Feng Wu was equally confused .

Based on her calculations, it should have happened by now, and she wondered what was going on .

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Despite her thoughts, Feng Wu didn’t let them show . Instead, she smiled and said, “Just wait and see . If I’m right, it’s going to happen soon . ”

“What’s going to happen soon?” The old steward showed up out of the blue, followed by Zuo Qingyu .

The old man had a serious look on his face while Zuo Qingyu gloated .

She walked around Feng Wu and grinned in satisfaction . “Feng Wu, why are you still here?”

Feng Wu didn’t reply, so Zuo Qingyu went on, “Didn’t I tell you already? Master Rong Yang is making a formidable dagger for my family, and there goes his quota for the year . If you knew any better, you should have left by now . There’s just no point in staying here . ”

Chaoge flared up before Feng Wu could say anything . She glared at Zuo Qingyu and said, “Shut up! No one wants to listen to you!”

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“Oh my, isn’t it Duan Chaoge, Feng Wu’s little minion?” Zuo Qingyu pointed at Chaoge with her whip . “Your master hasn’t said anything yet . Why are you yelling at me?”

Chaoge was infuriated .

On guard, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .


It was obvious that Zuo Qingyu wanted to drive a wedge between Feng Wu and Chaoge . However, Chaoge wasn’t the type to take the bait .

“Zuo Qingyu, go to hell!” Chaoge charged at her .

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Right at that moment, that giant man put himself in front of Zuo Qingyu and glared at Chaoge with eyes as big as lanterns .

Feng Wu stopped Chaoge .

The stalwart man was known as Tuo and was much stronger than either of them . Fighting him wouldn’t do them any good .

However, Zuo Qingyu wouldn’t let it drop . “Feng Wu, why aren’t you saying anything? Have you given up already?”

“I see that Miss Zuo doesn’t have anything better to do . ” Feng Wu gave her a half-smile . “If that’s the case, why don’t you pay more attention to your ‘formidable weapon’?”

Feng Wu had been feeling a little guilty for destroying the precious dragon scale gold, but after she saw Zuo Qingyu’s attitude, all her guilt disappeared .

“What about my dagger? Master Rong Yang’s working on it . ” Zuo Qingyu gloated . “If things go to plan, he’ll be finished by the end of the day . What? Are you jealous?”

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