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Chapter 1300
Chapter 1300: Untitled

However, before the old steward could say anything else, the amount of black sand began to decrease as he watched .

Why was it decreasing?

What was going on?

To his astonishment, as the black sand disappeared, refined iron started to appear on the ground, and the iron had clearly been purified with fire .

“What… is going on here?!” The old steward couldn’t believe his eyes .

The black sand couldn’t just turn into refined iron all by itself!

Shrugging, Feng Wu pointed at something in front of them . “See for yourself . ”

The old steward’s eyes widened .

He saw a small, fist-sized bird swallowing the black sand . However, it was doing something else at the same time!

As it ate the sand, refined iron came out its other end!

The old steward watched this in astonishment .

That was impossible!

He couldn’t believe it!

He stared at Feng Wu . “This bird can refine the sand just like that?!”

What was more, it didn’t even need to take a break . As its beak opened and closed, refined iron just kept coming out of its rear . Before long, there was a whole basket of it!

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It was the purest refined iron!

As a matter of fact, Feng Wu hadn’t seen this side of Little Phoenix before either, and it was an eye-opener as well . However, she only smiled mildly and said, “That’s how we do it at my place . Is it not done the same way here?”

The same way? Of course not! No one else had an iron-refining bird at home! Otherwise, the iron refiners would go out of work!

The old steward anxiously picked up a piece of iron and examined it . He almost passed out at what he found .

He thought that he could kick the girl out by saying that the iron was of poor quality . However, after taking a look, he saw that the refined iron was significantly better than that made by professional refiners!

Feng Wu smiled at the old steward and wondered what he would do next .

Chaoge sneered at the old steward . She couldn’t think of a reason why the old man would still take the Zuo family’s side .

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The old steward was indeed wavering .

But in the end, he still chose to favor the Zuo family .

“Hah, I’d like to see this little bird do it for an entire night!” The old man stormed off after saying those words .

Chaoge made a face as the old steward walked away . “That man doesn’t know what he’s talking about . I wonder how much the Zuo family paid him!

“Xiao Wu, what should we do now?” Taking Feng Wu’s hand, Chaoge looked distressed .

Feng Wu already had a plan . She had already expected the old steward’s reaction, so she smiled and said, “If he wants to keep us from seeing his master, I’ll make sure he fails!”

Chaoge was bewildered .

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Feng Wu smiled . The old steward wasn’t the only employee here, and judging from his behavior, not all Master Rong Yang’s subordinates were very loyal to him .

At that thought, Feng Wu whispered something in Chaoge’s ear .

Chaoge’s eyes lit up as she listened .

Meanwhile, the old steward rushed angrily to a remote corner of the house .

There, he talked to Zuo Qingyu in secret .

The old steward said anxiously, “Miss Zuo, that girl isn’t easy to handle at all . She has one trick after another, and I’m running out of ways to stop her . ”

Zuo Qingyu had seen everything that happened .

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