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Chapter 130: Do I Still Need To Kill and Silence Them?

"You like Feng Wu, right?" Fairy Mu Yao's gaze focused on Yu Ming Ye!

At the time, even though she only saw him from behind, however, this young man, Yu Ming Ye stood very close to Feng Wu. She didn't know whether Feng Wu liked this young man or not, but with one glance, she could tell that this young man revolved around Feng Wu. Is it possible for him to not like her?

Yu Ming Ye thought to himself, Feng Wu was so pretty, while he was someone who innately loved beauty. Is there anything wrong with him liking Feng Wu?

But just at this moment, a figure appeared behind Fairy Mu Yao.

This person was none other than the person who silently stayed beneath the river and had now climbed up then changed into dry clothes. Feng Wu.

Yu Ming Ye immediately extended his neck and glared at Fairy Mu Yao panting with rage. "Little girl, what kind of rubbish are you spouting! Me, like Feng Wu? Ha ha ha. Are your eyes lame, or are your brains spoiled? You surprisingly say that I, Yu Ming Ye, likes Feng Wu. You're simply sick!"

Fairy Mu Yao. "……."

No matter what, she didn't expect that Yu Ming Ye would deny it!

For the sake of chasing after Feng Wu, shouldn't he have admitted it at the scene. After that, Feng Xun could confront him and after that, the two of them would fight. She could then watch in safety and reap rewards while others fight……she already dug Yu Ming Ye a nice hole. The result was that he approached the edge of the hole, yet turned around?

Fairy Mu Yao was so angry she nearly spit blood.

Yu Ming Ye glared at Fairy Mu Yao as if he was looking at an idiot. "You slander me like this. If the girl I like learns of it, do you know how big of a misunderstanding that would cause? Do you know how grave the consequences would be? You want to harm me to death, right? !"

These words from Yu Ming Ye were actually spoken for Feng Wu's ears.

Fairy Mu Yao secretly vomited blood. She previously clearly saw Yu Ming Ye hovered around Feng Wu like a little puppy. What a hypocritical young man!

"Then, who's the person that you like?" Fairy Mu Yao laughed coldly once.

"Why do I need to tell you? Who are you, why're you so nosy about my affairs?" Yu Ming Ye sized up Fairy Mu Yao and suddenly an idea came to him. "My god! You shouldn't have fallen for me, right? Hey, let me tell you. First of all, this face of yours won't do. Secondly, your heart is too vicious. With another look at you and one can tell that your gifts are nothing much……in short, to summarize, you can absolutely forget about thinking of harming me!"

Fairy Mu Yao spit blood once more……she could clearly feel the gazes filled with ridicule that the surrounding people were looking at her with.

She truly almost needed antidepressants.

Why did she run into Yu Ming Ye; there's a kind of feeling that he couldn't be defined by reason? Moreover, right now, the topic of discussion had already gone askew? Previously, it was clearly about the matter between him and Feng Wu……

Feng Xun suddenly had an idea. "Yu Ming Ye, Mu Yao said that you joined hands with Feng Wu to push Mu Yao and Feng Liu into the moat, attempting to kill and silence people. Do you admit to this?"

Yu Ming Ye looked at Feng Xun as if he was looking at a mental case. "You're sick!"

Without waiting for Feng Xun to speak, Yu Ming Ye then used his finger to point at Fairy Mu Yao. "To kill her, do I even need to conspire with someone? Do you believe it or not that a single fingertip of mine is enough to kill her a hundred times? ! Believe it or not? No? How about I kill her for you to see?"

After hearing Yu Ming Ye's words, Fairy Mu Yao only felt her entire body stiffen. A fit of cold air emitted from her back……

She was wrong. She was gravely mistaken.

She only watched as Jun Lin Yuan saw Yu Ming Ye as someone not worth his concern……but she forgot that for Yu Ming Ye to handle her, don't mention one single finger, even one strand of his hair was enough to kill her.

Yu Ming Ye radiated the kind of anger that came from having been humiliated by someone. He fixed his gaze on Fairy Mu Yao, so angry that his eyeballs nearly protruded. "Do I even need to kill someone to silence her? If I, Yu Ming Yao, needed to kill someone, do I even need to do the job myself? !"

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