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Chapter 129: You Like Feng Wu, Right?

The little boy's mother was on the verge of embracing the little boy into her bosom when she laughed coldly once. "Young Lady, lift your head up three meters to look at the gods. You really shouldn't carelessly wrong people, otherwise, after you die, you'll descend eighteen layers of hell. My Little Lamb didn't lie!"

The little boy's mother pointed at the group of houses behind her and said. "Our house is within this group of houses. Looking down from the window, we can see the scenery around the bridge. Little Lamb isn't the only one who saw your conduct and deeds a moment ago, all of the few of us in our neighborhood also saw them!"

An aunty also rushed forward. "Right! That's right! It's clear that you want to harm the Fifth Lady, yet you conversely slandered the Fifth Lady, claiming that she wants to harm you guys."

An older uncle rushed forward. "The Fifth Young Lady is pure and innocent. When has she ever followed someone in an unclear or ambiguous manner? Your mouth is simply spilling nonsense! What kind of enmity and what kind of hate caused you to defame someone this casually? How can there be a young girl with no sense of honor like you. Are you not afraid of being struck by lightning when it rains?"

After the few of them stood forward, more and more people stood forward to speak against Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu.

Northern Territory City wasn't large, especially this block near the urban area. These neighbors all more or less had received some of Feng Wu's care. Therefore, they were very protective of her.

Fairy Mu Yao was immediately struck dumb. Feng Liu also became flabbergasted. How could they expect that Feng Wu's influence with the masses was this good……

As Feng Xun watched the common citizens pointed at Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu's head and loudly denounced them, he only felt his anger disperse completely!

He was familiar with these people, because previously, he merely spoke some words against Feng Wu and these people already brandished their vegetable cleavers and chopping boards as they rushed to beat him up……at the time, he was nearly scared into having a heart attack. It's all good. Presently, it was Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu's turn.

Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu were surrounded by these 'common citizens' as they loudly denounced and berated the two. One ought to know, the people of Northern Territory City were known to be as tough as nails. Even the words they used to scold someone were……unending and innumerable.

Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu were berated to the point that they simply……were about to go insane.

When had they ever been insulted in the middle of the street like this?

"You guys……you wicked people!" Fairy Mu Yao was completely angered.

Right at this time, a figure dressed in pink rushed into the crowd. "Jun Lin Yuan, I've looked for you guys everywhere. I didn't expect that you guys are surprisingly here. I had a hard time looking for you for awhile."

An attractive and peerless young man floated over like a gust of wind, nearly knocking over Fairy Mu Yao.

This person was none other than Yu Ming Ye.

Jun Lin Yuan shot a glance at Yu Ming Ye with his aloof and immeasurable eyes, whose depths couldn't be seen.

Feng Xun unhappily glared at Yu Ming Ye. "Why did you come here? We don't know each other well."

But Yu Ming Ye didn't care as he glared back at Feng Xun. "I heard that you guys are looking for that ugly girl? Have you found her? Where is she? Where is she?"

And at this time, when Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu saw this pink robed Yu Ming Ye, their eyes shined at once. They faced Yu Ming Ye, one on his left and one on his right side, as they threw themselves at him. They shouted simultaneously. "It's him. It's him! He's the one who was in the alley carrying on improperly and and ambiguously with Feng Wu!"

Immediately, without exception, everybody's gaze focused on Yu Ming Ye.

"What're you guys doing, looking at me like that?" The youngster, Yu Ming Ye's face was full of bewilderment and puzzlement. A big question mark 'what happened' was expressed on his face.

Fairy Mu Yao laughed coldly once. "It's you!"

"What about me?" Yu Ming Ye stared blankly in confusion.

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