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Chapter 1231: 1231
1231 The Second Trial 10 However, Jun Linyuan, the ethereal beauty, was holding an ugly yellow duck in his hands and thinking about throwing it away .

It had to be the ugliest needlework he had seen in his life — so ugly that it was an insult to his taste . Who would want to keep such a thing around?

However, just as he was about to loosen his grip, he gripped it in his hand again .

“Well, it’s still a usable pouch, and I have some silver in it . It’ll be such a waste to throw it away . ”

The crown prince slowly tied the yellow duck pouch onto his belt again .

Feng might be guarding the entrance outside, but the door was open, so he could see everything the crown prince was doing .

Feng shook his head and smiled in resignation .

For a cultivator, falling in love could be the greatest trial they had to go through . By the looks of it, the crown prince himself didn’t know that he was in love with the girl .

The crown prince said decisively, “Little Feng Wu, just wait and see!”

No one would believe that the unapproachable crown prince could have such a childish side .

But Feng was used to it . Ever since Feng Wu showed up, this state had become the crown prince’s new norm .

While Jun Linyuan was playing out his one-man show on the top floor, he heard the roar outside .

“Jun Linyuan! Come down here! Right now!”

That voice…

Even Feng, who thought he had seen everything, couldn’t help but jump a little .

A hush fell over the room .

Feng reminded the crown prince, “Your Royal Highness, I think that’s little Feng Wu . ”

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Jun Linyuan was about to rush out of the room, but he smirked when he heard Feng . “Kick her out!”

Feng was speechless .

The crown prince glared at him . “Do I need to repeat myself?”

Feng rubbed his nose and mumbled, “I wonder how aggrieved Miss Wu must be to cry for help in public like this . ”

Jun Linyuan asked, “Are you telling me she’s crying for help?”

He thought that she was challenging him!

Feng said, “Yes, she is . Otherwise, why didn’t Miss Wu call for Young Lord Feng or Young Lord Xuan, but you? It means that Your Royal Highness is the most important person to her . ”

Jun Linyuan’s face had been livid just a moment ago, but now, he looked embarrassed . Flipping his sleeves, he snorted . “Crying for help? Can’t she walk? Why doesn’t she come up here herself?”

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Feng murmured to himself, “If I remember correctly, Miss Wu doesn’t have a VIP card . She can’t even get to the second floor, let alone up here . ”

Jun Linyuan was speechless .

Feng went on . “And Your Royal Highness set the rule yourself: Making loud noises in the World Tower is punishable by life in prison… Why is it so quiet now? Have they taken Miss Wu away?”

Jun Linyuan didn’t know what to say .

Feng said, “Right . Your Royal Highness, did you tell me to kick Miss Wu out? I’m on it…”


Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes at Feng . “Bring her to me!”

However —

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A team of imperial guards in black armor had appeared on the first floor of the nine heavens .

It was common knowledge that the crown prince’s imperial guards were in charge of security at World Tower .

Ten guards surrounded Feng Wu .

The girl who had asked for Feng Wu’s card was called Haiyue .

She had summoned the imperial guards .

Pointing at Feng Wu, she said arrogantly, “This woman is disturbing the peace of the World Tower! Take her down!”

Haiyue was new here, and didn’t know about what happened last time .

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