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Chapter 1230
Chapter 1230 The Second Trial 9 “Pfft —”Hearing that, Zuo Qingyu and the others burst out laughing .

Feng Liu said, “This isn’t some place you can come and go as you please . Do you think you can go upstairs? In your dreams!”

Zuo Qingyu gave Feng Wu a half-smile . “Beg me and I’ll take you upstairs . ”

Feng Xun had a card that could bring her right up to the top floor, but Feng Wu didn’t have enough time to find Feng Xun, take the card, and run back .

“Pretty master, you only have five minutes left,” the fairy reminded Feng Wu .

Feng Wu was speechless .

The conflict between Feng Wu and the other girls had attracted a lot of onlookers, and the crowd kept growing .

Feng Wu looked around and felt that this had to be her unlucky day, because apart from Zuo Qingyu and the other girls, she couldn’t see any familiar faces in the crowd .

If that was the case —

Feng Wu started backing away .

Seeing this, the others thought that she was going to give up . They shook their heads and felt disappointed .

She wasn’t showing any of the tenacity from her fight with Xuanyuan Yi at Imperial College…

Just then, Feng Wu took a deep breath, exerted the spiritual essence in her dantian, and yelled at the top of her lungs .

“Jun Linyuan! Come down here! Right now!”

Wow —

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Feng Wu’s roar exploded throughout the World Tower like a thunderclap .

Everyone around her stared at her like they were seeing a ghost .

“OMG! She…”

“Feng Wu just shouted in the World Tower!”

“Is she nuts?! Doesn’t she know that no loud voices are allowed here in the World Tower?!”

“Those who make noise here will be blacklisted . If it’s really serious, they could be imprisoned for life!”

“Does Feng Wu have a dead wish?”

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“And she just called His Royal Highness by name!”

Like everyone else who was staring at Feng Wu like she was crazy, Zuo Qingyu and her friends also stared at Feng Wu with wide open eyes as well .

That was outrageous! Feng Wu had gone too far!

Zuo Qingyu flashed a malicious smile .

“His Royal Highness hates it when people are too arrogant and unrestrained . Feng Wu attracted his attention before with her pretty face, but after what she’s just done, her good luck has just run out . ”

What was Jun Linyuan doing at the moment?

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The World Tower was divided into nine heavens, which were used by the customers, and Beyond World, which was Jun Linyuan’s private space . Needless to say, he was in Beyond World now .

He still remembered when Feng Wu had done some embroidery work and sewed him a little yellow duck right here in this room .

Studying the ugly duck in his hands, Jun Linyuan felt perplexed . For someone as pretty as Feng Wu, how could she be so terrible at sewing?

How did she turn a pair of lovebirds into little yellow ducks?

The idea frustrated the crown prince .

Recalling the words the girl had shouted in Northern Feng Mansion, Jun Linyuan was infuriated all over again . There was no warmth in his eyes, and he looked as frightening as Satan himself .

“Hmph! Little Feng Wu! Stop running around in my head! Aren’t you tired?!”

Outside, Feng cleared his throat, but fell silent almost immediately . He didn’t want the crown prince to know that he had heard him .

The crown prince stood by the window . From behind, he cut a tall, slender figure, and the well-fitting robe only accentuated his charisma . He reminded one of an immortal who had been banished to the mortal world . But right now, he was —

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