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Chapter 123: Falling

Feng Liu crossed her arms and arrogantly sneered at Feng Wu. Her attitude was exceedingly stuck up.

Fairy Mu Yao also disdainfully swept her eyes over Feng Wu. Looking at her goddess-like beauty and elegant, slim physique, she recalled those praises Feng Xun spoke before. Fairy Mu Yao held her anger in, especially holding in fire.

Feng Wu's eyes hesitated slightly. "What do you guys want to do?"

Feng Liu laughed coldly. "We saw all of the 'good deeds' you've done just now. Can it be that you don't feel any shame at all? How can a fickle woman like you be deserving of such a pretty face?"

These words immediately reminded Fairy Mu Yao.

Young Prince Feng had always praised Feng Wu's beauty, to the extent that Crown Prince Jun also took a few more glances at her. With the existence of someone as good-looking as Feng Wu, how would Crown Prince Jun marry her?

Thinking up to this point, Fairy Mu Yao's hand moved and a piercingly cold dagger instantly appeared in the palm of her hand.

Feng Liu knit her brows. "You want to kill her? Isn't this action a bit excessive?"

Fairy Mu Yao smiled coldly. "Kill her? How can I dirty my own hands? It's just that this face truly puts me in a bad mood."

Fairy Mu Yao shot a glance at Feng Liu. "If she no longer has this face, how can she still come out to attract the males? And she also won't ruin the Feng clan's reputation, isn't that right? You're doing this in order to protect the entire Feng clan's reputation and punish your own family member when justice demands it, isn't that right?"

Fairy Mu Yao chose a particularly imposing and rightetous sounding justification for Feng Liu.

Since the day she was born, Feng Liu had always been filled with hatred towards Feng Wu, therefore after she heard this justification, she immediately felt a rush of excitement!

However, when she thought of what Feng Yi Ran previously taught her, she didn't want to do the job herself. It's better to have something else do the deed. As a result, Feng Liu said. "But……she's my elder cousin after all, I can't bring myself to make this move……"

Fairy Mu Yao isn't someone without brains. She laughed coldly. "It's not necessary for you to make the move. It's fine as long as you keep your mouth shut and don't speak of this in the future!"

After saying this, that dagger in Fairy Mu Yao's hand rested horizontally against Feng Wu's neck as she approached her. Her voice was as light as a feather as it brushed by Feng Wu's ear. "Feng Wu, do you want to keep this life of yours, or do you want your face?"

"What if I want both?" Feng Wu threatening looked at Fairy Mu Yao with a smile that's not a smile as a hidden flash arched within her eyes.

Fairy Mu Yao bit her teeth as she glared angrily at Feng Wu. "Feng Wu, you know what I hate most about you? !"

"What?" Feng Wu was open to listening.

"It's precisely this attitude of yours that seems as if no matter what kind of circumstances you're in, you still grasp victory in your hands, as if there's nothing that can pose a problem for you! Just like shredding this face of yours, or tearing apart this pair of eyes!"

While she was speaking, the dagger in Fairy Mu Yao's hand sliced towards that creamy, snowy white, fine and delicate skin!

Her eyes were possessed by twisted malevolence as she laughed nastily.

Not only her, a satisfied cold smile also appeared on Feng Liu's face.

"Feng Wu, go die!"

Before they knew it!

Nobody anticipated it. Right at that instant, Feng Wu's body actually moved to the side and flew out instead!

It ought to be known that to her side was that immeasurably deep moat!

Just as Feng Wu turned and dropped towards the moat, one of her hand grabbed Fairy Mu Yao, the other hand grabbed Feng Liu as she threw the pair of them into the moat!

This scene came about too quickly——

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