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Chapter 1217: 1217
Chapter 1217 Untitled “Yes! I’ll take it!” Feng Wu looked at Master Linghu eagerly with eyes filled with longing and resolve . Then, Feng Wu watched as Master Linghu put the petal that she had been holding into the 9th grid .

Feng Wu looked at Master Linghu in confusion .

Master Linghu explained, “It’ll increase the odds . ”

Even Master Linghu didn’t realize it himself, but he was talking to Feng Wu as if the two of them had known each other for a long time .

But they had only met for the first time today, and had only been sitting here for less than 15 minutes .

“Let’s start . ” Master Linghu gestured with his hand for Feng Wu to start .


Feng Wu stared at the “12 Trials of Love” so hard that her eyes popped .

All the other missions were too difficult for her, to the point that she wanted to cry . The 12 Trials of Love was her only hope now .

She had even begged Master Linghu for it .

The roulette wheel kept spinning, so fast at first that it dazzled Feng Wu’s eyes, but gradually, it slowed down .

As the roulette wheel slowed down, Feng Wu could see the long hand moving past each grid .

The 1st grid, the 2nd, the 3rd…

And it kept spinning…

Clenching her fists, Feng Wu kept blowing at the wheel .

Master Linghu pretended that he didn’t see a thing .

Soon, the hand turned to the 7th grid, then the 8th…

The 8th mission was to kill the young dragon king of the Eastern Sea… That was an equally impossible task .

Feng Wu blew at the roulette wheel with all her might!

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The hand stopped on the grid that read “12 Trials of Love”!

Seeing that the hand had stopped on the grid she wanted, Feng Wu smiled and let out a breath of relief . “Great! I made it!”

She didn’t care if this was a real lucky draw or not anymore; the most important thing was that the hand had stopped on that grid .

Feng Wu turned to Master Linghu in excitement . “That counts, right?”

Master Linghu nodded . “Of course . ”

After that, he took out a pink bottle and gave it to Feng Wu .

Feng Wu looked from the bottle to Master Linghu in bewilderment .

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Master Linghu said seriously, “The thing in the bottle will tell you what the 12 Trials of Love really is . Remember, the mission starts as soon as you open the bottle . ”

Feng Wu nodded solemnly .

“There’s more —”

Master Linghu glanced at Feng Wu and wanted to say something, but decided not to in the end . He waved at Feng Wu and said, “You can go now . ”

But Feng Wu still knew nothing about the 12 Trials of Love, so she looked at Master Linghu and asked, “Who should I look for, to complete this 12 Trials of Love?”

Master Linghu said, “A handsome and outstanding teenage boy, of course . Otherwise, you’ll only make your own life miserable . ”

Feng Wu was dumbfounded . What was that supposed to mean?

It wasn’t going to be what she suspected, was it?

Feng Wu wanted to ask more questions, but Master Linghu asked her to leave .

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A handsome and outstanding teenage boy? Feng Wu was lost in thought, wondering who she should go to .

To her frustration, the first person that came to mind was Jun Linyuan!


Definitely not him!

Feng Wu eliminated that option .

What about Yu Mingye? He sounded like a good candidate . However, he hadn’t shown up for a while, and she had no idea where he had gone . He was so secretive…

So, who did she know apart from Yu Mingye… Wait, what about Feng Xun?

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