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Chapter 1216: 1216
Chapter 1216 A Lucky Draw? 4 Feng Wu moved on to the second mission, which read: Steal the imperial jade seal of the kingdom of Mikong!What the heck?!

Feng Wu almost had a heart attack!

The kingdom of Mikong… That was an empire as powerful as the Junwu Empire . The land was swarming with capable cultivators!

What kind of missions were these? Feng Wu stared at Master Linghu in disbelief and couldn’t utter a word .

She said, “Are these all…”

Like all superior figures, Master Linghu replied in a casual and indifferent tone, “Yes . ”

Feng Wu almost choked .

She asked Master Linghu, “Are all the missions as difficult as these two?”

Master Linghu only glanced at the roulette wheel, indicating that Feng Wu should see for herself .

Suppressing her panic, Feng Wu looked at each grid in turn . The other missions weren’t as impossible, but they were still frighteningly hard .

She asked, “Am I going to do a lucky draw?”

Master Linghu said, “Yes . ”

“I’ll have to complete the mission that I get?”

Master Linghu said, “Yes . ”

“What if I fail?”

Master Linghu said, “The broken star piece will disappear forever . ”

Feng Wu: !!!

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Master Linghu said, “Complete the mission and you’ll have it . ”

Feng Wu took a deep breath .

So, she couldn’t afford to fail the mission .

The consequence would be more than she could bear .

“What’s that?” Feng Wu pointed at the “12 Trials of Love” in the 9th grid .

Feng Wu had read each of the first 8 missions and saw that they were all equally impossible for someone like her to do .

The 9th mission was the only one that confused her .

Based on the roulette setup, the difficulty of the missions dropped as one moved down from the first grid, so did that mean that this 9th mission was a relatively easy one?

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“Well, that one . ” Master Linghu’s eyebrows twitched a little when he saw that mission .

Glancing at Feng Wu, he sounded very mysterious when he said, “That one is a no-brainer . ”

A no-brainer?!

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up .

Master Linghu nodded . “I think that’s the only one that you have a chance of completing . ”

Feng Wu thought so as well, so she made her decision . “I’ll take that one!”

Master Linghu shook his head . “That won’t do . Only fate can decide what you’ll draw, not me . No . ”

Feng Wu thought to herself, “This 12 Trials of Love is the only one I can handle . If that roulette wheel gives me something like stealing an imperial seal or killing the best hitman of the Flying Guillotine, I’m doomed . ”

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Thus, Feng Wu held Master Linghu’s arm, swayed it back and forth, and begged him . “Master, master, please let me take that one . ”

Master Linghu glanced at Feng Wu . “Nonsense . It doesn’t work like that . ”

Feng Wu handed Little Phoenix to Master Linghu . “How about I let Little Phoenix keep you company for a few days?”

Master Linghu said solemnly, “No . ”

Glancing at the table, Feng Wu spotted some Quling tea and said at once, “Master, how about I make some Quling tea for you? I promise, it’ll be as good as your own tea . ”

Feng Wu tried her best to please Master Linghu, and the master almost surrendered to her sweet smile .

Master Linghu was never close to anyone, but somehow, this girl struck him as very likeable .

The girl was so genuine that he found her quite lovely .

“Are you sure you want the 9th mission?” Master Linghu glanced at Feng Wu .

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