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Chapter 1215: 1215
1215 A Lucky Draw? 3 Her mental strength alone exceeded that of any regular person .

“Do you know why you’re still alive?” Master Linghu kept his unblinking, brooding gaze on Feng Wu, and his tone was as casual as if he was merely chatting with her .

“Master, why did you want to kill me?”

Even when she was facing one of the most powerful men in the empire, Feng Wu was neither humble nor pushy, and looked perfectly unperturbed .

Master Linghu couldn’t help giving Feng Wu a long look . Her temperament alone impressed him .

That aplomb reminded Master Linghu of another amazing teenager .

“I’m not a nice person . Since I’ve injured you, I’ll help you once in return . ”

Master Linghu looked at Feng Wu . “You may make one request . ”

Something stirred inside Feng Wu!

A favor from Master Linghu in return for an injury? If that was the deal, the people of this empire would be thrilled!

Feng Wu knew better, though . Master Linghu was treating her differently probably because of Little Phoenix .

She then thought about her beautiful master . Could it be that Master Linghu knew her master as well?

Feng Wu was about to ask, when Master Linghu spoke again .

“A question counts as a favor, too . ”

Feng Wu was speechless . Fine, the broken star piece was her top priority . As long as her master woke up, she could ask him a hundred questions if she wanted to .

At that thought, Feng Wu straightened her face and looked at Master Linghu .

She then opened her palm, revealing a peach blossom petal .

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Feng Wu stared at Master Linghu, stressing each word as she spoke . “I want the second broken star piece . ”

Master Linghu’s black-and-white face remained emotionless, but he raised his straight, black eyebrow a moment later, and gave Feng Wu a half-smile . There was a knowing look in his eyes .

He sounded amused when he asked, “Are you sure?”

What was that look? Instinctively, Feng Wu felt that the master wasn’t telling her everything, but she still nodded . “I’m sure!”

“It’s going to be difficult . ” Master Linghu casually brewed some Quling tea and stirred the tea rhythmically with his fair hands .

Feng Wu asked, “How difficult?”

Master Linghu shook his head . “It’s beyond your level . You should wait until later . ”

But how could she wait? That was only the second piece…

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Feng Wu gave the master a pleading look . “What if I insist?”

Master Linghu looked sympathetic . “Are you sure?”

Feng Wu nodded solemnly . “Yes!”

“Even if you may lose your life in the process?”

“Even if I may lose my life in the process!”

“Even if the chance is very slim?”

“Yes, even if that!” Feng Wu said affirmatively, clenching her fists .

Master Linghu shook his head . “I tried to save your life for the sake of the bird, but since you insist on courting death, fine . ”

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With a wave of his hand, a small roulette wheel appeared on the low table .

Feng Wu was dumbfounded . What on earth was that?

Taking a closer look, she saw that it was divided into nine grids, and each grid corresponded to a line of words .

She looked at the first grid, and the words inside read: Assassinate Motian, the top cultivator of the Flying Guillotine!


Feng Wu almost jumped out of her chair .


Motian, the top hitman of the Flying Guillotine? Jun Linyuan himself probably wouldn’t be able to do that, let alone her!

What kind of missions were these? Why were they so difficult?

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