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Chapter 1214
1214 A Lucky Draw? 2 Feng Wu felt as though magma was running through her veins, making her blood boil .

A giant mountain seemed to have fallen on top of her, and with the magmlike sensation inside her, she nearly collapsed under the pressure . It felt like she was being ripped in half by that violent energy!

It hurt…

Feng Wu felt blood oozing out of her pores .

As the blood left her body, so did her spiritual essence .

Retch —

Feng Wu looked up and spat out a mouthful of blood . She swayed back and forth before her knees buckled, and she fell to the floor…

Thump —

Little Phoenix flew out and shielded her with its own body . Staring at Master Linghu, it shouted angrily, “You stupid old man! How dare you torture Xiao Wu?! When I’m big enough, I’ll burn you alive with my fire!”

“Cough —” Feng Wu wanted to speak, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she spat out a mouthful of blood .

Without saying a word, she grabbed Little Phoenix and stuffed it into her sleeve .

Master Linghu’s power was so terrifying that Little Phoenix would get itself killed by talking like that .

But —

Just when Feng Wu thought that she was going to day, that tidal wave of spiritual essence vanished completely .

Feng Wu looked up to see Master Linghu open his palm and unleash a strong suction force .

“Argh —” Little Phoenix screamed .

“Don’t kill it!” Feng Wu cried out .

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However, the power was so strong that Feng Wu couldn’t hold onto Little Phoenix .

The next second, Little Phoenix was in Master Linghu’s hand .

Master Linghu looked at Little Phoenix with his ocean-deep eyes and studied the bird .

Summoning up its courage, Little Phoenix glared at the master . “What are you looking at? I’m still too young, but when I get bigger, I’ll burn you to death!”

Feng Wu smacked her forehead… Where did the little bird get all that courage to talk to Master Linghu like that?

However, to Feng Wu’s surprise, Master Linghu wasn’t angry .

Not only wasn’t he angry, he even flicked Little Phoenix’s pointy ear with an index finger .

“Ouch —”

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Its ears were the bird’s most sensitive part, and it shrieked when the monk flicked it . The bird then stared at Master Linghu helplessly and resentfully…

The man was way too powerful for it to fight back .

“Little guy, it really is you . ” Master Linghu released the bird, and it flew back to Feng Wu, resting on her shoulder .

Those words baffled her .

“It really is you . ” Did that mean that Master Linghu had met Little Phoenix before? That couldn’t be . The bird had hatched from an egg only a little while ago .

Master Linghu turned to look at Feng Wu, and there was a tiny smile on his emotionless face .

A smile?

Master Linghu had tried to kill her only a moment ago, but he was smiling at her now?

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“Sit . ”

He glanced at Feng Wu .

In front of him was a low, burlywood table, on which sat a mini red clay stove . A pot of water was boiling on it .

Taking a deep breath to suppress the pain, Feng Wu slowly walked over to the low table and knelt down .

Since Master Linghu was way too powerful for Feng Wu to fight, her only choice was to do as she was told .

Master Linghu’s gaze landed on Feng Wu .

The spiritual essence he had exerted just then was more than Feng Wu could handle . Anyone else would have had a physical and nervous breakdown, but the girl had proven to have a much stronger mind than a regular person .

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